How to Start Custom Dog Tags Business

In starting a custom dog tags business, you need the right equipment and planning for it, so you have to see to it that you have it all planned and set in order to make sure you’ll start up successfully.

One of the newest trends today that most young generation is wearing as their accessories is dog tags.

It has been a fashion trend that many teenagers are wearing this kind of accessories that is usually worn by military men. It is a cheap accessory but it gives an accent to the current fashion today especially if you will match it with camouflage clothing and cargo pants.

While dog tags are in demand and in fashion, a lot of people are into creating a personalize dog tags. Dog tags are usually used in promoting events such as birthdays and weddings and many more.Some use dog tags as group identification or as trade mark of a group of young people. with this kind of demand and a fashion that a lot of young or even those people in their early 20’s who loves wearing accessories, it will be the right time for you to start a custom dog tag business.

The machine in creating military dog tags is usually feed manually and it is loaded one at a time. It has 50 to 60 characters (0-9, A-Z, some other punctuation), it also have one or two fonts available, that will suit only military dog tags. Existing machine being use has a dial on the top to select the character. On the occasion that the character will be stamped has lined up, the handle of the machine that is located on the side or it must be pulled down to emboss the tag. After releasing the handle the tag will be shifted on the left to emboss the next character.

If you want a mass production of dog tags, you may need to consider an automatic feed machine or electronic manual machine. In using manual electronic machines, plates are being loaded individually but the characters that are embossed are entered with the use of a machine through a keyboard or a computers serial port. The good thing about this machine is that the information needed to be embossed is already prepared for every dog tag that is if the information for each tag is all the same. This electronic machine has the ability to serialize each dog tag and embossed name, address and other information. Using manual feeding can create 180 military dog tags per hour. Another good thing in using electronic dog tag machines is that different shapes and sizes can be loaded on the machine, a huge option of font types and portability. And if you want to have higher volumes of dog tags you can have it by getting a fully automated electronic machine that has the capability to produce 200 tags which is automatically feed into the machines and after embossing the characters and other information required on each dog tags, it will then be ejected from the machine through a conveyer.

Making dog tag is fun and at the same time you can earn extra money with this kind of business. And if you are really focused with this kind of business you will surely create big income and be one of the providers of these dog tags on your area.


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