Pet Cremation Business

If you want to start a cremation business, you might as well offer a cemetery. You should have a designated area for the cremated pets and an area for the owners who want a less costly option other than cremation.

If the owners want to bury their pets as is, this can be achieved. Contact suppliers and offer clients only the best caskets, keepsakes, etc.

How to Start a Pet Crematory Business

When starting a pet cemetery business, you have the option to offer cremation services. Your primary competitors would be vet hospitals. This type of business is a great way to generate profits since most households value their pets dearly. You can focus on cremation business and the cemetery can come as an addition. There are local laws that your business should comply with, so it would be best to consult with the concerned government agency to secure the needed permits and licenses. Make sure that before you embark on this type of endeavor, you should possess relevant knowledge, skills, and experience.

To ensure success, it would be a great idea to start with a business plan. It should contain the mission, goals, risks, marketing, financials, and management. The plan should determine the animal sizes that you will be accepting. If the owner opts for cremation, then he/she will need a smaller space. You will need to build mass graves or a mausoleum inside the cemetery for the cremated pets. The land space is very important and make sure that you own the land. The location is everything, so do your research.

Pet Cemetery Business

Try to find suppliers of headstones, grave markers, urns, keepsakes, and pet caskets. You should be able to offer customers will various supplies so that they can pick the ideal one that fits their budget. Some pet owners are willing to spend a hefty amount for their treasured pets but there are also those who are on a tight budget. Become a member of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories. You see, this can help in gaining the trust and confidence of customers. You have to include in your marketing campaigns that you’re a member of the said organization.

Don’t force the crematory services and instead, offer this as an option. Make sure that you detail the services that you’re going to offer. Determine the best advertising methods that you can use like brochures, leaflets, and flyers. You can also own a business vehicle and advertise through mobile billboards. If you can provide quality services, you’re sure to become popular in no time. Existing customers can refer their friends to your business if they really love your cemetery or crematory services. Pets should be treasured and now, you can lay them to rest in a special place designated for pets alone. When you have time, you can visit them and grieve over the loss. With the skills to manage this type of business, you will succeed.


  • Mona Smith said on July 12, 2012
    Hello, My name is Mona Smith.I live in London,Ky. I would like to open a Pet Cemetery in this area. We do not have anywhere to bury or properly dispose of our beloved animals. I appreciate any information that you can give me to help me get started. 440 Rockybranch Rd, London,Ky 40744. 606 261-3698 Thank you !
  • Shawn Teriipaia said on May 28, 2014
    please help me starting a pet cremation business in nampa idaho, usa next to boise idaho
  • Josh Benson said on August 5, 2014
    Good Day! This is Josh Benson from Manila, Philippines. I am looking for any open Mobile Cremation Business models that are open for franchise or just the equipment itself. If anyone here can refer me or has one please do not hesitate to reach me. Josh Benson +63 9175444132


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