How to Start a Pet Food Business

People have been keeping pets eversince. Pets provide companionship that is important to many pet owners. This is the reason why many pet owners are showering their pets with various treats to make their life nice, comfortable and enjoyable.

That is why the pet business is a big industry. You can benefit from this boom by starting a pet food business yourself.

Many people keep pets for several reasons. Most pet keepers needed the companionship that pets provide. Having a pet is like having a friend, a confidant and a loyal companion. Pet keeping is widely known to have therapeutic effect as they cheer up people and give them a sense of purpose. As such, many are treating their pets as if they are humans. This “humanization” of pets is helping pet businesses, particularly pet food business, to grow.

Pet Food Businesses to Start

If you are a pet lover yourself, the pet food business is a venture you can start. There are several types of pet food businesses you can start. Among them are:

  • Pet food manufacturing. There are several options under this. You can either create your own pet gourmet right in your kitchen if you are a small starter. Alternatively, you can do the formulation at home but outsource the manufacturing part to more experienced food manufacturers nearby.
  • Pet food retailing. In this type of business you have to have a reliable supplier for pet food. This is easier to start as you no longer need to experiment on your own on what pet food would click. You just have to make a contract with the supplier and arrange a drop shipment.

A General or Specialized Pet Food Store

So if you want to start a pet food business, decide first which type of business would you like to start. And that could be answered only by careful and dedicated research. You have to know whether to open a general store or a specialized one. Owning a general pet food store is ideal if there isn’t any in your area. But if there are others ahead of you, you can carve a market for yourself by specializing into such areas as organic pet food, healthy pet food, food for dog with a specific illness.

On-site or Online Pet Store?

Next you have to decide whether to open a real store or a virtual store. Either one has its own advantages and disadvantage. An on-site store is ideal if your target market is within your community and so it pays to be visible and to have a facility where people can walk into and see and feel some food displays for their dogs, cats, pet snake, birds, and fish. But of course your exposure is limited to a particular area. On the other hand, if you want to reach a wider market, an online store is for you. The advantage of this is you can save on rent. However, it would take time and a lot of effort to establish a site that people would visit.

Opening any business is a risk. So make a careful research before doing it.For general reference, visit the Web site of the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.


  • leonardo secondi said on February 16, 2011
    i am in montreal, quebec, canada. please help me to start a pet food business.
  • leonardo secondi said on February 18, 2011
    i need help on setting one pet food business in montreal, quebec, canada h7t2c8.
  • Kristina said on June 7, 2011
    From Montreal, Quebec, Canada as well. I'm interested in starting a pet store business myself. Leonardo, please let me know if you find out any information. I can't seem to come across much.
  • nick said on February 16, 2013
    i have a pet food manufacture in china, I can do OEM pet food, if you need any help please contact me, i can send you sample,
  • Aziz Momin said on February 23, 2013
    I live in Houston Texas. I was in dry cleaners business. Now I am looking to open a dogs food and treats manufacturing company I am a dog owner and lover. If any body have experience and pets lovers can help me and guide me to Right path. I am open to any options. I will appreciate any help.


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