Starting a Pet Transportation Business

If you want to start a pet transportation business, you will have to start with a plan. You can use this for securing business loans and when purchasing the needed vehicle.

You also need to buy other essentials like kennels, crates, and many others. With the right advertising methods, you can promote the business with ease.

How to Start a Pet Transportation Business

If you love pets, you can put your passion into a great business opportunity. Starting a pet transportation business can be your fixed source of income on a monthly basis. Transportation services can be used when taking pets to the vet or when traveling across borders. You can also offer moving services to pets that are going to be carried to crematoriums. The capital you need will depend on the extent of the transport services you’re going to cover. Start with a small business and a small truck to cut down the costs.

Make sure that the truck is safe and will work for your business. With $20,000, you can already start this type of business. You can start with a home-based office so that you will no longer rent out the office space. If you choose this option, you will need to have fax, email, or phone. With a small scale business, you can’t offer cross-boarder transport. Invest on quality cleaning systems and adequate ventilation. You can cater to local and nearby locations. With a good business plan, you can secure funding. That way, you no longer have to worry about the startup capital.

Licensing, Equipment, and Advertising

Apply for a business license at a local government office. You simply need to submit certain documents and pay the fees. When you receive the license, you can now decide on the pricing of your services. You can charge the transport service based on the kilometers traveled. For instance, you can set up a fixed price for the initial 20 km and charge an additional for excess miles. You can charge higher once you expand to interstate transportation. Purchase the needed equipment like carrier cans, kennels, crates, and boxes. The truck should be arranged properly and hiring extra help is needed as well. You will need a driver and 1-2 assistants.

Decide on the advertising methods to use. You can advertise in places where pet lovers usually go. You can provide potential customers with reading materials such as brochures. You can also advertise on the Yellow Pages. You will have to coordinate with local breeders in your area as well as pet stores. In fact, you can leave your contact info or your business card to these people for instant references. You need to have passion for pets so that you can care for them with ease. Determine the standards for pet care and you will be able to provide quality transport all the time.


  • Dawn said on September 5, 2011
    How do you go about getting insurance for a pet transporting company? this has been the biggest obstacle I am running into. Went to several insurance companies and they do not have a clue. The question is if something happens to the pet while in your care sick or car accident while transporting who will cover you? The company is based in South Carolina and travels are in the Charlotte area of NC to North Carolina. This could mean transporting the pet from customers home to airports to vets etc....
  • Gina said on May 12, 2017
    Look into Cargo insurance.


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