How to Start Air Transportation Business

In an air transportation business you must be able to hire qualified employees that will serve your clients with utmost care and responsibility. The right connection of people will help you promote your business.

Air Transportation includes the safe shipping of cargos and the carrying of passengers from one destination to another.

This mode of transportation served to be the fastest mode of travelling and transmitting of packaged to different places. An Air Transportation business requires an established airline, which passed several evaluations, check-ups, and tests to prove its good condition.

In this type of business, it is very important that the workers which are the pilot and stewardess have completed their college education in a related degree. The flights cover various destinations locally and internationally. That is why this business really needs to go by the law thru registering and licensing its right to operate business in different areas.

As of now, there are several airlines operating across the country and all over the world. Each carrier has different flight classes such as mainline carriers, low-cost carriers, regional carriers, and air cargo carriers. Each type of carrier differs in their purpose of flying. A mainline carrier can fly internationally and has its launching and landing on a designated airport where the passengers may travel to another destination. Low-cost carriers can only carry a limited number of passengers for a limited distance of destination. Normally, they do not have an official landing site or airport. Regional carriers fly for short to medium distance. Their destinations particularly evolve from a smaller community towards a city or a bigger community. As for the air cargo carriers, they are the ones responsible for carrying packages or cargos from one place to another. But they may also include passengers in their flights. But cargo carriers only settle down in a main airport for all cargos. It is up to them where to land as long as it is the one nearest to the exact destination.

If you love travelling or flying an airplane, then maybe this business is the right one for you. But before you start an air transportation business, you must get to know the other important details about the nature of it.

In this business, you will be handling sealed packages and the lives of your passengers. In every flight schedule, it means great responsibility for you as well as your employees because all of it is entrusted to your hands. The kind of service you can provide the people inside the airplane will be the representation of the kind of company you want to be known for. The services include comfortable seats; food and beverages offerings; safety and security procedures; and many more.

You must also have a wide network of connections in all part of the world so you can easily transact business here and there. They can even help you to promote your air transportation business in several ways, especially if you are connected to hotel and restaurant owners. It is also good to have a good relationship with government agencies and travelling agencies so they can recommend you to their clients and visiting tourists. A good promotional strategy really helps for the success of your business. And you can do it thru your customers, partners, and of course the mass media.


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    Kenya. i would like to start a local airline.
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  • James Morgan said on October 15, 2012
    I live just 20 miles from downtown tx. and have lots of transportation skill. I have been thinking of trying to put in a transportation service to take dialysis patients back and for to the Dr, but I don't know how to get started or how to get on with medicare so if you can help let me know. Mt home number is 281-838-1219 and cell is 713-899-1094. Thanks
  • Don said on April 9, 2013
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  • akhil presanth said on March 16, 2016
    i want start a air service within India and I need investors.
  • Nitin Goyal said on December 30, 2016
    i want start an air service within India .
  • Ashley said on September 7, 2019
    I want to start air service sending packages from New York to Guatemala City looking for an investor who is motivated and is ready to start! For more information, I'll leave my email -


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