How to Start a Cargo Trailer Business

For work or play, the cargo trailer has revolutionized the lifestyle of many Americans today. There are so many brands we see today like Pan American, Allpro and Continental Cargo just to name a few from the hundreds who offer their services to us.

These companies offer a variety of cargo trailers. There are trailers for horses and stock. Some are made for motorcycles and some are used for car haulers. We also see cargo trailers designed for living quarters and some as ATVs.

Still some are used for cargo storage while others for commercial use. There’s definitely a market for it and if you are intrigued, here are some suggestions how you can get some action in this revolution.

The fleet business is a high labor industry. If you really want to know the nuts and bolts of the business, I suggest you try to find a company that does trailers and work for them. The hands on education will not only equip you immensely but the experience will also prepare you with the sensitive areas that surround the construction of trailers like employment management, assembly and production, and supplies.

The next requirement is to decide how you would want to operate. Will you be in manufacturing? This means you would have to invest on a huge location for a production plant, get the necessary licenses and permits, and hire a lot of employees.

Another option would be is to do customized work. You can choose to produce customized trailer work through orders only. This way, you don’t have to mass produce trailers investing thousand of dollars in the process. But whether you do mass production activity or customized work, bottom line is you have to build what the client ordered and specified and deliver it on time.

If these ventures scares you, well how about focusing on trailer repair instead! There are so many manufacturers anyway why not focus on repair. Here’s a suggestion. How about combining axle repair with interior customization? Yes it sounds like a great idea. Your company could focus on trailer repairs while adding the unique service of interior customization like cabinets, shelving, and even re-skinning job works and maybe graphics as well. It’s certainly easier to operate than production line.

Still another alternative that is open is just to sell cargo trailer parts. It totally beats production when it comes to lesser dollars invested. Your business needs will be simpler too. You’ll need a store or a rental space you can remodel, some supply stocks, and probably hire a few hands and your set.

If you aren’t satisfied with my suggestions why not be the middle man! Middlemen are the ones who market trailers to potential buyers and makes money from the retail price. It’s not as technical as putting nuts and bolts together, welding, using gussets and high tensile steel but certainly they are more skilled on consumer educating and client prospecting. They are in the business of moving finished products to the hands of consumers. Instead of manufacturing equipments, you’ll need a network of phones lines and an office space full of highly motivated sales people.

If you are just starting and you consider yourself a small business owner, you could do a buy and sell business. There are thousands of used trailers, some cost as low as $2600 up to $9000. You can recondition these models and sell them at a price higher than you bought them. So there are many business alternatives in the cargo trailer business. Choose one that fits your personality, needs, finances, and goals.

Finally, once you have identified the type of business you want to pursue within the trailer cargo business, and after you have acquired the necessary education for that operation, now develop a business design and get information from experts before starting. I hope these simple ideas have moved you closer to opening up the right type of cargo trailer business that suits you.


  • Lislie Melvin said on June 13, 2013
    I am interested in starting a trailer business for commercial vehicles. ..First time business owner in Ga...
  • Persuade Ngano said on January 27, 2014
    Hi am in Durban in south Africa I want to start trailer manufacturing business what's needed to start this business
  • Doug Dilloian said on November 1, 2014
    I would like to start a trailer sales and repair business in New Jersey. Boat, utility and Horse.
  • fortune said on April 21, 2015
    Hi there I would like to start a commercial trailer but the engineering part of braking system is done on what condition and measurements of weight


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