How to Start Pet Emergency Services Business

How to start pet emergency services business is easy as long as you have the flair and the passion in rearing pets. In this article you will learn and understand the concept of taking care of pats of other people.

Pet lovers treat their pets as a member of their family and during times of injury or sickness bringing them to a pet clinic is their only option.

These pet lovers would like somebody to treat their pets with the tender loving care that they shower their pets.

Be a Professional

Pet lovers will most likely entrust their pets to someone who is a professional in the field of treating and taking care of animals especially during emergencies. How prepared are you to start this kind of business, by becoming a professional in this industry is a way of making yourself prepared for the tasks of being entrusted with other peoples pet. If you are already a professional then there’s no reason for you not to start this kind of business.

Planning your Business

As a start, you will need to prepare yourself for the rigors of the business. A business plan is what you need to get you started. This is the part where you will visualize your business from the time it was conceptualize until the time it is already up and running. Paint the whole scenario and put it into writing.


Where do you plan to put up your business? Look for a location wherein there is less competition. You can do it in your own place provided you have enough space that can be converted into a pet emergency clinic. Another way is to rent a place where it is accessible to your target clients. Parking spaces should also be available for your clients.

Facilities and Equipment

Emergency pet services business is no ordinary business. You will need to invest in facilities and equipments suitable for the needs of your clients. You will need to invest in state of the art xray machine and automated processor, top of the line ultrasound machine, a complete in house laboratory, hydraulic table, anaesthetic machine and monitoring equipments. You will also need to invest in a veterinary ambulance that is complete with all the equipments needed in transporting patients from where you will get them to the pet clinic and/or hospital

Launching of your Business

Weeks before you open your business, distribute flyers, brochures and calling cards, post tarpaulins and banners announcing the opening of your business. A website for your business will help you attract more clients. Tri-media is another effective way of announcing the launch of your business.


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