How to Start Home Based Pet Business

Do you know that people love pets? In fact, most would even treat pets like their own children which means that they give them good food, fashionable clothes, and even luxury accessories.

Therefore, starting home based pet business would be a good decision. We have the answers to your questions in this endeavor.

Even in today’s modern society, pet stores, groomers, boutiques, sitters, and specialty shops are booming businesses. Many of these opportunities can be translated into a small business or home based business.

Home Based Pet Business Guide

Pet services are rapidly growing and have great potential. There are many benefits of owning a business revolving around pets, especially if you’re an animal lover. Having this home based business would mean that you’ll be around pets everyday and you can provide them with services to make them comfortable, happy, and healthy.

Although initially finding clientele may be challenging, you can reach out to your clients and provide them with excellent service if you are creative in your marketing approach. Of course, you need to comply with special regulations from the homeowners association and obey zoning requirements in your area before you get started.

Home Based Pet Business Plan

There may be new ideas for pet businesses that you can start from home, but there are traditional services that won’t go out of style. Here are some examples:

  • Pet Walking Service – if you have the love, patience, and time for pets, then this business is for you. Most important, this can be started for only $100. It’s important to establish a client base of 20-30 clients to maintain your profits.
  • Pet Obedience Training – this is a multimillion-dollar industry. Training classes may be held either in a group or one-on-one format
  • Gourmet Pet Treats – the fastest growing pet business segment today. There’s plenty of income here because profit margin is high and most people want to pamper their dogs with food.
  • vPet Day Care – more and more owners are seeing the benefit of leaving their pets in the care of experts while they’re at work. If your neighbors don’t mind it and if you have a big space, you can open this at home.
  • Pet Sitting another alternative to a day care is to be a pet sitter. You may need to hire other pet sitters to help you tend to pets while the owner is away for a weekend or a longer vacation.
  • Pet Clothing and Accessories – Americans spend a lot of dollars for their pets and some of these usually goes to hats, shirts, boots, scarves, or even holiday costumes.
  • Pet Photography if you have an eye for good pictures, you can establish a fun business that would photograph animals with costumes and themed backdrops.


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