How to Start Pet Photography Business

Pet photography is an emerging business that stems from people who loves to take pictures of their beloved pets. In this article you will learn how to start pet photography business.

Pet photography is an emerging business in this time and age. Many people adore and love their pets like their own family.

What are the techniques to ensure the success of your pet photography business?

  • Take photography lessons. There’s no better way but to be qualified with this kind of business.h
  • Invest in a top of line brand of camera. Nothing but the best equipment for your pet photography business.
  • Learn how to use you camera. You may have the best of the best when it comes to cameras but do not have the knowledge how to use it properly will only result to shots made by neophytes.
  • If you prefer to set up a studio or just a plain home based business either way, make sure that it is always clean and free from pet odors. Foul odors can distract animals thus a much longer time will be needed to be able to take a good shot.
  • Keep a portfolio of your works. A compilation of all your photos for your client’s reference.

How to achieve excellent shots?

  • Lights are very important. If you will take pictures in the studio make sure that you have enough lights. Invest in lightings that are used by professional photographers.
  • It is best to take pictures outside where your source of light is the sun. Try not to take pictures against the sunlight. Taking pictures with direct sunlight will affect the color and overall result of your shots.
  • To create an excellent photo result you need to use background lights. You can also use gel lights or colored lights for added color to the photos.
  • Provide costumes and props to enhance the result of the photos. Most pet owners like to doll up their pets for those who do not have one; you can lend them your pet costumes and props during the pictorial.
  • It is best to take pictures of your client’s pet in the most natural positions. Observe the pets while they play, walk around, etc. It may require you to follow the pets while they are doing their stuffs. Remember patience is a virtue.
  • Take as many shots as you can and try to put a try as many angles and poses when taking pictures.
  • Encourage pets by cuddling them and/or provide treats for your clients pet for a pose well done. This is one way to make the pet more cooperative with your photo session.


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