Photo Printing Shop Guide

Photo printing shops are spreading like mushrooms. With digital technology, more and more businesses are going to such shops. Indeed it is a profitable undertaking. If you are interested in starting your own photo printing shop, this business guideline will definitely help you.

To become successful, one has to have a goal to reach, a plan of action to do and a target date to accomplish.

Start with a Smart Photo Printing Business Plan

If you don’t have a plan, you are planning to fail. Write down your business ideas on paper. Don’t filter your ideas just keep the hand writing. Afterwards, look at which ideas are workable. A magical thing happens when you write down your ideas. The intangible now begins to become tangible. Writing your mind on paper gives you better prospective on things.

Apply for a Photo Printing Business License

Consult with a business lawyer regarding your business options and how you should go about opening your photo print shop business. What permits and licenses are needed to get the thing started? What about business registration inquiries and signage permits? Take advantage of the lawyer’s experience regarding the inner workings of business legality. Pay the necessary fees and keep a copy of the important documents.

Find a Location for Your Photo Printing Shop Where There’s Traffic

Explore different locations that you can potentially open up a store at. Keep people in mind. Businesses need people, people and more people to flourish. It’s important that your business has high visibility. Try looking in locations that are near the subway or has a busy cross street. Look at mall areas and places where people go to office. Why not try to develop a mutual business arrangement with other related business like a book store? Try to look at developing mutual business opportunities wherein you can share clients with other businesses.

Purchase a Good Quality Printer and Type of Paper for Photo Orders

Search the web for a quality printer that can produce the picture photos your clients needs. Search out the web for the best one. There are numerous printer brands and styles; some even come with added features to it that you can purchase. Invest on inks and good quality photo paper.

Have a Menu of Services you can Offer Your Clients

Becoming an owner entails becoming flexible to what a customer needs and what he wants. Often times you’ve got to listen to what is needed so you can react accordingly and capture more business. To become successful, you’ve got to learn how to diversify your services to attract more customers. Here are a few examples.

  • Photo restoration services
    It involves repairing old pictures back to its original state. It may also involve removing blemishes or changing the background for whatever reason.
  • Printing business cards
    Diversify your business to welcome other job orders. Creating business cards can be profitable. With the right software and little bit of creativity you can certainly print out good quality business cards to their own design.
  • ID Pictures
    With technology, one can easily print out a picture for ID purposes. If you a have a web site, you can easily download pictures for ID purposes.
  • Picture holders
    Why not? Sell extra accessories like picture holders, camera carriers, batteries, memory cards, and other supplies like that. It’s extra money too.


  • era said on April 1, 2009
    We are in the middle of crisis. Is it advisable to open this type of business? Actually I am planning to venture but my question is, is it a right time to open a photo printing shop?
  • Keivn said on June 28, 2009
    Thanks the article is great and i have gain quite a lump of knowledge and I highly appreciate your effort in posting it on the Web. Thanks.
  • AVNISH said on January 30, 2010
  • charm said on May 23, 2010
    was thinking about a home based photo printing, i can restore pictures, edit and make them more personal for the customers. Will i need permits and licenses still???
  • IQBAL said on October 17, 2010
    Respected sir, i IQBAL i am interested to doing my own photo shop in hyderabad in mahendipatnam. will you give me some idea about this project. thx
  • Esmeralda Punto said on April 6, 2011
    i have an internet business like to have an additional photo printing business
  • C.R.Nagendra said on October 28, 2011
    Sir i want to start photo colour lab in hunsur where i will get the related machineries & paper & chemicals please help
  • Ranjit Nayak said on January 23, 2014
    I would like to open photo lamination shop. Need some suggestion. Or for gaming cafe too.
  • Bommidala B.Bikshapathi said on September 24, 2015
    Respected.Sir I am looking new photography lab,in secundrabad,Telangana,India.I have a experience in working in lab,from 8years.So please help me.Thank-you


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