Starting an Indian Clothes Retailer Business

If you are starting an Indian clothes retailer business, your target market is mainly Indian men, women and children depending on the kind of clothes that you are selling.

It is important to look for appropriate location with a nice store design and layout because these can definitely play a huge factor on when it comes to your store.

Starting a retailer business particular dealing with Indian clothes is just like starting any kind of enterprise. You need to have resources when it comes to jumpstarting your business. You need to have management and marketing skills to operate everything. A business plan will surely help and serve as your guide all throughout everything. If you choose to sell Indian clothes, you are most probably dealing with garments like saris salwar kameez, bindiz, sashes and a lot more different kinds of Indian clothes. Aside from clothes, you may have the option to sell jewelries and accessories as well. The products that you will sell can be handmade or can be from your own design collection. You can also partner up with suppliers from abroad that can supply with the latest Indian clothes.

Market for Indian Clothes Retailer

One of the things to consider when starting an Indian clothes retailer store is your market. Remember that you are selling some Indian clothing and your main targets are Indian men and women. Of course, there are also people who may want to buy Indian clothes to wear in special occasions and holidays. Indian people are certainly the ones making up the huge percentage of your customers. This is dependent on what kind of clothes you intend to sell. It could be everyday Indian clothes or gowns. Indian clothes can also appeal to those people who want something unique and exotic. You can also target those people who love Asian culture. There is also a small market for film makers and theater groups looking for props and costumes. This is your chance to become a known specialist when it comes to Indian clothing and accessories.

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Points to consider while starting an Indian clothes store

When starting an Indian clothes retailer business, the location is an important factor to consider. A space in the high street mall maybe a bit expensive but you can be assured that there are people willing to spend for Indian clothes. You also need to consider leasing a space that is big enough to be a store and storage at the same time. Think about the whole appearance of the store as this can really affect your business. It will be nice to display each of the garments than just piling them on racks or shelves. Take also into consider the layout and the lightning of your shop. Make it more enticing to the customers. Another important thing to have in your store is a fitting room that is large enough.

Of course with any kind of business, it is important to have proper license and permits in order to operate. Be familiar with the policies imposed by the government when it comes to selling goods.

Remember to be updated with latest fashion trend because you are selling clothes. Although you will not that have plenty competition, it will be best to be updated with the latest trends. It will be best if you give away promos and discounts that will certainly catch your customers’ attention. Proper planning when it comes to giving away free gifts is also important as well.

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  • RAJ J JADHAV said on March 27, 2010
    I want to start the retail cloth shop both for ladies and gents, my place is not developed to much but it is a Taluka place which is going to be upgraded as District very soon. Chikodi, Belgaum, Karnataka
  • Thomas GAFO said on March 23, 2011
    I want to export clothing ( for men and women ) from india to Africa. I would like to know if we can build a business partnership. Thank you very much, Thomas
  • ramolesh said on March 30, 2011
    me Ramolesh from Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Island. i want to start the retail shop for man and women. i cant decide the proper place. I don't have enough money to purchase or lease a land. i would like to know that if i take franchisee from some company then they will help me to built the retail shop.
  • priya said on April 8, 2011
    I want to export clothes to botswana , australia from india , ready made for all category people so what are the legal procedures that i has to makeup from both india and botswana , australia like import export license etc..
  • Anand Kumar Singh said on December 14, 2011
    I want to start the retail shop for man and women. I have up to 1to1.5 lacs to start business. Kindly suggest whether this amount is enough or not. Also tell the legal formalities to be fulfilled for opening the retail shop. I would like to know that if I take franchisee from some company then they will help me to built the retail shop or not.
  • Mahbooba said on February 9, 2012
    Hello. I want to open a shop in Denmark, but i'll start with to sell some dresses from home. From where Can i buy the dresses?
  • fais sidheeque said on March 26, 2012
    I have planned to set up a boutique in thalaserry , kannur district kerala. I would like to know where I can buy clothes from . The garment providers .
  • Joel said on April 3, 2012
    If you are interested in exporting goods to Africa contact me for partnership. I am currently staying in Delhi but i will be leaving India within 6 months to come. I am from Southern Africa. 08800283093 or
  • jyothish said on April 4, 2012
    hi, i have planned to start a retail ready made showroom in bangalore, Karnataka state. i would like to know the legal procedure for the registration.
  • MANJUNTH.V. said on April 23, 2012
    Dear sir I have to start a retail ladies readymade showroom ,Davanagere in Karnataka state. please send me where i can buy cloths from .The garment providers.
  • mahinur hassin said on May 6, 2012
    Hello. I want to export ladies ready-made cloths like (saree, saloar kameez panjabi, fatua) baby cloths teenage cloths USA, Canada, or Australia. any were if possible. i want to know the web site or the people who can purchase my product through the internet. thanks.
  • monika said on May 12, 2012
    Hello, i am in U.S.A and want to start clothing business from india, i dont know any legal formalities and any vendor in india. please help me to guide me from scratch that internet business is good or i should open a shop.and what are the legal process and fees to apply and how to bring cloths from india.
  • Jasvir said on May 24, 2012
    Hi, I'm from Malaysia and am interested in wanting to start an online business selling Indian Salwaar Kameez and Sarees. I am looking to get into partnership with someone from India. Ideally, I would like the business to be based in India and items shipped out of India. Please contact me if you are interested. Many thanks.
  • navjot kaur said on May 27, 2012
    HI! I am navjot. I am from USA. I am interested in opening clothing business from india and online. I want to know if someone can export clothing and other accessories from India. If anyone wants to do partnership. please let me know. My email is thanks
  • Shalini Gomedhagavel said on June 7, 2012
    Hi, I am shalini, I am from coimbatore, TamilNadu, I am planning to start a womens' boutique in local area, already I had chosen a place. I want to get the lists of whole sale sellers and I want to know more about legal procedure to start this business. I am planning to open this boutique after 10 months later, in the meantime, I am planning to do this business from my home itself, so kindly help me with this. please contact me for further queries.
  • Preet said on June 13, 2012
    Hi Navjot, I can help you to export clothes and accessories from India. please let me know if you need my help. Thank you
  • siv said on June 21, 2012
    Hi i want to open a shop in sulur coimbatore...i would like to know where i can buy cloths mainly kurthis and churidars in wholesale rates...
  • Kirtida.P.Doshi said on June 26, 2012
    Hi , I am from Mumbai and I design Indian clothes and sarees.i am interested in export so please inform me via email.
  • Sanjay said on July 6, 2012
    Hi Jasvir I'm from India want to be partner and send goods to you from here. I want to know what is the procedure.
  • Manish said on July 12, 2012
    Hi I want to open shop for Ladies Clothes Sarees/Suits/garments India or western. Please suggest from can get goods and can be return in-case not sold out can give on credit as well. Thanks -
  • vineeta said on July 21, 2012
    hi, I want to open a ladies garments(Kurtis,tops,jackets)& accessories shop in gurgaon (HR)India. So pls can u suggests me from where i buy in wholesaler rate. Pls help me.
  • priyanka said on August 3, 2012
    I want to open a shop for ladies clothes in Himachal Pradesh (dist. shimla). I want to know about the legal procedure to open this shop and where can i buy clothes in wholesale rates.
  • Chamind said on August 14, 2012
    I would like to start a small business in Churidhar and Churidhar materials retail shop in Kerala(may be in Thrissur)can u suggest me the budget i will spend for the business. The location to get the products cheaply. can u send me the estimate figure for the business. and the suggestion for the particular business
  • mansha sehgal said on September 16, 2012
    hope u are doing well, pupil from out of india can contact as i mansha sehgal(fashion designer) owned my boutique a few days back of traditional garments.. any one interested can contact me at 08287155668
  • Debopriyo said on September 27, 2012
    Hi i am debopriyo from india i want to export garments to usa so can any one please help me for that my mail id
  • Jomon Lukose said on October 6, 2012
    My Business location is Doha-Qatar, I Want indian Redimade cloths, shoes & Leather bag items
  • biji said on October 9, 2012
    I am planing to start a small budget salwar material boutique in coimbatore ,i would like to know where i get the materials in wholesale and what are the legal formalities before starting a boutique and how much it will cost?
  • Basina Aruna said on October 16, 2012
    Hi I am Aruna Basina, I want to open shop for ladies clothes in Feltham, UK I want to know the legal procedure to open this shop
  • pooja said on October 22, 2012
    hi i am pooja from panchgani, satara. i am planning to start a woman's boutique in local area already i had chosen a place i want to get the list of wholesale sellers in pune or mumbai. i want to know more about legal procedure to start this business. so kindly help me with this. please contact me for further queries
  • salika said on October 24, 2012
    Hi, I am salika dealing in luckhnowi and kashmiri dresses, range start from 400 to 1400, get me ur email address i can display some sample photograph, i am from India and know the local market well, my business is very small, but i can meet the demand well. 09757151502(mumbai, INDIA)
  • Sunil Pait said on October 26, 2012
    I want to start a ladies garment for my wife. My budget is 3 lacs. Is it enough to start the business? I live in Dhemaji a small town in assam. Please help me. I want to deal cloths like salwar kamez, nighty, Ladies jeans, tops, bra, panties and blouses.
  • Subhashni reddy said on October 29, 2012
    I am From Fiji and I want to start up a small business selling indain clothes. can you help me in this form where i will get and all those thing. Thank you, Subhashni reddy
  • Deepthi said on November 5, 2012
    I am interested in selling indian clothes from california, USA as there is good demand. I am looking for suppliers from India who can ship me material. You can contact me at my email id for further discussion. Thanks.
  • sanjay thampi said on November 6, 2012
    I am from Cochin (Kerala). I intend to start the business of selling shirts with a price range of Rs. 300-800. I am targeting the middle group to sell-out the products. The area in which i intends to set-up the shop is a well developed one. I am also proposing to obtain an export license so that in future i can export the cloths. Can you please advice me the places from where i could get good quality stuffs which i can sell in comfortable margin..?? Sanjay Thampi (09995310410)
  • monika said on November 12, 2012
    I intend to start retail shop for kids wear. Please advice some wholesalers/distributors for branded & non branded clothes. Also please let me know how can i get regular updates of latest trends in childrens wear. I am willing to invest 1.5 to 2 lacs in such business is it enough to start the store? Also what types of clothing is best in demand to so as to avoid dead stock. Your quick response will be highly appreciated. Regards/Monika, email id :
  • Arvindan said on November 14, 2012
    I would like to start a retail cloth shop for women and children at Kozhikode, Kerala. I am new to this business. I would like to know everything like where to get good quality clothes for kids and women, Can I sell other ladies and children items also in the same shop, etc.
  • Saravanan said on November 14, 2012
    i like to start retail cloth shop in coimbatore area, can u suggest me which place will be suitable. what basic amount required to start and what is procedure.
  • Alka said on November 16, 2012
    Hi I want to start Indian clothes business and need help in Naperville il .
  • MUTHU said on November 17, 2012
    Hi few month i have to start new clothes business in Tamil Nadu and i would like to be import cloth from foreign countries . Pls advice me what is the procedure and how much required to invest.
  • Gagan said on November 19, 2012
    Hi i want to start a clothes store in india a small scale one kindly tell how much investment is required and where can i get clothes from
  • mukesh said on November 28, 2012
    i want to start ladies suit shop at charkhi dadri distt. bhiwani haryana india with 2 lac rupees. suggest me supplier near my location and what precautions should i take. this money is enough or not?
  • Kul Jamal said on November 28, 2012
    Hi I'm opening a ladies clothing shop in the uk. Looking for quality suppliers from India. Contact me if you are in the wholesale or designer market. Thanks Kul,
  • Ashton said on December 5, 2012
    Hi I am selling ladies shalwar in USA if anyone interested to export please contact
  • Hari Pillai said on December 10, 2012
    Hi All, Myself Hari. i am currently specializing in branded jeans, collar T shirts, round neck, designer salwar kammez. Anyone interested to get supply of these please contact me. Will give you the best deal in the market. Email:
  • Hari Pillai said on December 11, 2012
    hi nuhi, i can help u on this. Please let me know your requirements, what kind of clothes, what rate are u planning to sell etc.
  • karthik said on December 15, 2012
    I am planing to start a cloth shop in kerala for gents. I want to know more about cloth importing places ,and for starting this shop if any license is required . so please help me ,give guidance. Thanks...
  • rajkumar chouhan said on December 19, 2012
    i want start gent cloth shop i have already a tailoring shop now i want to include cloth .please tell me about where i can get good deals.
  • rose said on December 21, 2012
    I want to start a readymade shop in kerala for children age upto 15 years. Also a shop for salwar materials. As a fresher what are the requirements to start a shop and from where to buy and where i can get at reasonable rates.
  • TasneemKassam kassam said on December 24, 2012
    Hi I want to open a small business selling indian outfits, finding it very difficult to get a good reliable wholesaler , have tried a few co and they have sent terrible samples is wasted before even starting, please can you help me
  • Ganesan said on December 29, 2012
    we are also looking investor cum silent partner for our existing business. if anyone interested 9884028576. thks
  • Amir said on January 2, 2013
    We are the biggest distributor of Indian and Pakistani dress material suits in USA and Canada. We have two major location warehouse based in Ohio and dallas. We deal with more then 100 catalogs. All latest designs . Feel free to contact on Retailers and new starters welcome .
  • vijayalakshmi said on January 10, 2013
    Hello, This is viji and i am planning to start up a Retailing shop for women(salwar, chudi, kurtis) in Banglore. I am looking for manufactures and suppliers for best Quality, different color combination and unique collections. Thanks
  • Vinay said on January 14, 2013
    hi.. i am planning to branded cloth center in my home town (chickamagalore).. plz tell me where should i buy cloths .. plz mail me
  • chintan chheda said on January 14, 2013
    Hello, i'm planning to do wholesale in uk shop or south africa. any contact with them make me know. i'm from india and shop is in dadar mumbai. i'm chintan chheda.... doing churidar and kurti wholesale. contact me on +919819448355. hear you soon thanks xxxx
  • Ritesh said on January 14, 2013
    Hello, I am planning to sell Indian Handicrafts, Hand - Stitched clothes, Shawls, bedsheets, Canada. would you please tell me about how to import the clothes from india and procedure please? Your reply would be much appreciated. regards Ritesh
  • arunraj said on January 21, 2013
    hi, i want to start a ladies clothing shop(including kids wear) in cochin. a medium range shop is in my mind. pls advice me how much investment is required and pls tell me where i can buy cloths. my no. is 09605895525.
  • gul said on January 22, 2013
    i want to export clothes for any boutique in USA OR UK. bridal , casual , party wear from pakistan . if anyone is interested email me on .regards
  • Saamirah said on January 24, 2013
    Hi, I am from Mauritius and would like to start a retail indian clothes shop for women and children. I would like to import the clothes from India. Can someone guide me on whom I can contact in India. Thanks.
  • S. Sreedharan said on January 25, 2013
    Dear Sir, I am planning to open a new shop for retail clothes specially for Boys (near by Kanyakumari. I need your advise to start where can I buy these items and also let me know if I need to have a good shop How much I have to spend initial start-up. Since I am very new to this business, kindly help me to provide the required ideas. Regards, S. Sreedharan
  • maggie said on January 26, 2013
    Hi I want to start small business selling India cloth in the UK, please need help'
  • akkash sharma said on January 28, 2013
    hi i want to start ladiess cotton dress material in my city ( mandsours mp) @ i need franchise for only cotton suits & i have one shop so pls suggest me . regds akkash sharma
  • Parikshit said on January 31, 2013
    Hi i'm presently working in garment industry. I'm willing to start a ready made garment showroom in kolar, karnataka. Pls tel me the risks involved in the business. Pls give me legal formalities to open the show room. Regards, Parikshit
  • Parikshit said on January 31, 2013
    Business location-Malur, Kolar dist. Karnataka, India.
  • achla mishra said on January 31, 2013
    hi i am achla mishra and own a boutique TULISA which specializes into women garments for happy occasions mainly bridal wear including can gowns, sarees and lehangas with zardozi and embroidery from different parts from india. I wish to expand my territory and export. Please contact me on my cell +919893052923 or write to me
  • Nilofar said on February 1, 2013
    I am interested in selling indian clothes in USA as there is great demand. I am looking for suppliers from India who can help me ship material. You can contact me at my email for further discussion. Thanks Nilo
  • Sandeep said on February 1, 2013
    Hi I am sandeep based in montreal Canada and I deal in indian clothes like sarees, salwar kameej, kurtis, designer suits, cotton suits, heavy dupattas and can provide you this stuff on wholesale rates please feel free to contact me on
  • rajeev kumar suman said on February 1, 2013
    hi i want to open a retail shop for ladies dress material in ghaziabad area, i would like to know that from where i can purchase the material which can cost me lesser
  • Minu Jha said on February 3, 2013
    Hii. i am Minu. i want to start a boutique business in Goa. i want to know the necessary skills to start a boutique business.
  • Vakula said on February 8, 2013
    Hi, I can supply sarees, chudidars, designer blouse pieces from Hyderabad, India at whole sale prices. If anyone is interested, contact me at
  • syed mohsin said on February 9, 2013
    Hello. I want to open a shop in saudi arabia , From where Can i buy the dresses? man women and children all kind of clothes
  • mehak said on February 17, 2013
    Hi, I can export pakistani or indian formal, semi formal dresses, kurtis, etc anywhere in the world. I also works in silver jewellery so if anyone is interested in buying them contact me on my email address
  • nbc said on February 18, 2013
    i m retailer from nepal, looking to open fashion store or franchise store in nepal, anyone from india /bangladesh interested to supply best quality mens jeans, fitting shirt, contact me
  • c.l.sethia said on February 20, 2013
    i want to start my gold and silver sell and purchase all in business with no capit in surat(gujrato). i have 40 years experience of running my own jewellery shop. i can do any type of business on commission basis also. but in honest way
  • Basant said on February 21, 2013
    I want to start online selling ladies kurties business please help how i start the same
  • Charles said on February 22, 2013
    we are into wholesale businees in chennai, mainly dealing womens clothing, sarees, salwar kameej, kurtis, designer suits, and cotton suits. contact for more info through my email id or through phone: 9840161224.
  • Abhishek Gupta said on February 25, 2013
    HI I have a three floor shop in middle of market .i want to open a kids garment shop with partnership with some company .kindly give me guidelines
  • kapil said on February 25, 2013
    hi, I am from Karnataka. I have retailer ladies garment shop, I want know calculate selling price, how to maintain accounts. what type license required for garment business.
  • L .B . Yadav said on February 27, 2013
    L.B.Yadav Rudrapur Uttrakhand. Since I have a very good rental place to start a retail shop/showroom type business for men and women cloths or only mens cloths. I would like to know that if i take franchisee from some company then they will help me to built the retail shop. Pl. advice me as soon as possible over email id /Mobile No.9760900756
  • Surendra Tripahti said on March 4, 2013
    I want to start a readymade garments shop in Kanpur. I have no much funds for investing.. but i want to start it. kindly advice.
  • Gopal said on March 6, 2013
    Dear All, I am seeing many requests for opening readymade showrooms for Kids dresses. We are manufacturers and exporters specialized in Kids Garments from Tirupur, Tamilnadu. Age ranges: New Born to 12 years. We recently started domestic operations with brand name as "Truth & triumph - for colorful kids". We are looking for wholesalers or retails who can take our stock and sell. Since we establish decent relationship, we would like to do cash and carry. Even small qtys also fine until we establish well. We can work on the margins and we can assure to very good margins. If interested, reach me at
  • Hari said on March 6, 2013
    I am running a ladies showroom and now I am not in the position to invest more than 10000. If any company who is ready to give their franchise with this amount and give more quantity to sell by commission basis pls mail me. I am looking readymade items for ladies.
  • anitha said on March 10, 2013
    I am planning to start a boutique in Bangalore by this year end I don't know What to do I want some wholesalers number and idea about starting a boutique
  • nav said on March 14, 2013
    We are dealing in Ladies Suits, Fine Jewellery, ladies Kurtas. Buyers from anywhere can feel free to contact us for our products. Email Thanks
  • Pervez said on March 14, 2013
    Hi, I can export pakistani formal, semi formal dresses, kurtis,shalwar kameez, etc also kids wear anywhere in the world. I also deal in animated jewellery so if anyone is interested in buying them contact me on my email address
  • pallavi said on March 14, 2013
    Hi, i want to start a new business in my taluka place village plz give me some idea which type of business is suitable for me in 2-3lakh investment which is suitable for ladies.
  • pavan kumar said on March 15, 2013
    i want to open cloth store in hindupur anantapur (dt) ,ap ,please tell me where we want to buy cloths and how to deal with the garments provider
  • Rajesh said on March 18, 2013
    Hi I have ready to start showroom in Sonepat(Haryan) India. I want to start kids readymade garments Pls suggest me about any Indian co. to startup my business.
  • Samuel said on March 22, 2013
    I want to start Levis show room in Bangalore, please suggest me with whom I need to contact and what is the process.
  • Meenakshi said on March 26, 2013
    Hi, I am Meenakshi, I am from Lucknow U.P. I am planning to start a womens' boutique in local area, already I had chosen a place. I want to get the lists of wholesale sellers and I want to know more about legal procedure to start this business. I am planning to do this business from my home itself, so kindly help me. i want to keep designer material all and i want to small but i want a designer shop. but my problem is i have up to 1 to 1.5 lacs to start business. Kindly suggest whether this amount is enough or not plz give me a designer dresser wholesalers list plz help me.
  • nazish said on March 29, 2013
    i'm nazish from Pakistan. i want to start women clothes business if you are interested so u can contact me on my email address and i can show u some of my samples of dresses
  • Gaurav gambhir said on March 31, 2013
    Hi , i am Gaurav Gambhir . I am into manufacturing of children wear. I have ball gowns , chudidaar suits , dresses , lehanga choli . You can contact me at 09999881086 . Thank you
  • pkv said on March 31, 2013
    Hi, I am planning to start a garment business like an exclusive retail outlet or boutique at kochi. My target customers belongs to the middle and high income group where they can find exclusive wear at better than market rates. I will be very happy if you can suggest me on the type of shop, the merchandize, the source, the profitability etc in this line with an idea on the investment and space requirement. Any valuable suggestions are welcome. Incase you can guide me to someone who is interested to open a place on franchisee basis, that too is acceptable. Rgds, pradeep
  • Vinay said on April 1, 2013
    I want to start a business for womens and babys clothes. Planning to start with 10 lakhs. Please suggest me what is the process to open shop in kurnool, AP, india
  • maal said on April 5, 2013
    Hi, I'm planning to set up a boutique in erode which will deal with mens and college student wears. Please suggest the places from where I can get unique collections
  • navkiran said on April 6, 2013
    Hi, i wana start an indian ladies clothing line boutique in london, which will deal with simple, traditional suits, sarees, i can bring cloths from india, and want to sell in london, i have contacts in india, but i am new in london, so please guide me, how i will get customers in london, i can sell all kinds of indian suits n sarees on order, i need some customers n their choice what they like. so please help me.
  • smith bhondave said on April 7, 2013
    hi i am smith from pune i was work in garment shop last five years now i wan stat my own shop in pune i know the all dealers in pune had good relation with them i just need finance so here is financial help or institution to help me to build my shop contact me on my no its 9049296094
  • sharif said on April 11, 2013
    me sharif i have 2 lack. is it possible to open a shop. please suggest
  • Daanish said on April 12, 2013
    @Shariff, i am in the process of setting up a Business of garments export to Europe. whoever interested to join me as a partner can mail me for further details
  • manya said on April 19, 2013
    Hi I am Manya , dealing in indian suits n kurtis. Seekers can get wide range of party wear collection designed/embroidered by us. We are keen to explore the market out of India.Pls contact at(
  • soumya said on April 20, 2013
    i have planned to start a retail ready made ladies wear showroom in nagpur, maharashtra state. i would like to know the legal procedure for the registration. if someone is interested in partnership kindly contact me soon on


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