How to Start a Dog Day Care Business

Have dual benefit of fun and rewarding career in dog day care business. These centers are gaining popularity and emerging as ultimate business options for people wanting to explore something unique.

This business is suitable for people looking for entrepreneurship and at the same juncture they are great animal lovers. Boom in this business is because of the willingness of people for spending money to care pets especially dogs.

You can become part of funny and lucrative business by starting your dog day care business. Such types of business fascinate animal lovers. You satisfy your urge to care pets and in the meanwhile make fortune by doing so. The requirements of this business are too less. Initiative is done by locating a large space – a warehouse will do. Make sure that it is fenced area and has high fencing. Such arrangement is a must for security purpose. Your start up capital as per the plan made is enough to go ahead with this business.

Basic Steps

The primary step for starting dog day care business is willingness to care animals. Once you decide about opening dog day care centre the second most important aspect is keeping yourself aware of all behavioral factors associated with pets. Preparation starts with visiting experienced consultants and getting first hand training. Comparative study of other dog day care centers and having detailed discussions with owners would help you further to understand it.

Major Focus

Although there are too many aspects associated with dog day care business but the most important one is caring pets through grooming and offering obedience training for which dog owners approach you. As yours would be the intention to make this business profitable every step has to be taken carefully. Writing business plan and allocating funds for execution of plan are crucial that have to be given importance. Playtime, dog training, boarding, swimming, dog photography, dog birthday parties and dog spa services including massages have to be done properly. Hire trained staff for running your dog day care business successfully.


Information can be obtained from various sources. Read good books. Other option is taking information from authentic websites. There is abundant information available in internet. Get most updated information from there. Take support from best software programs to execute your plan. Allocate funds and develop a strategy to establish this business. While in the startup make sure that you are equipped with at least six months operating capital.


Warehouse you select for housing dog day business should be large enough to suit the need. In the meantime also take care of basic needed that are mandatory to run this business. Arrange large sized dog runs for some dogs. Keep a hose ready for spraying and have small pools for dogs to play.

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  • Gabbi Craddock said on May 4, 2010
    Good day, I want to start a day care centre for animals and I want to know as to what should be done and what is the most important things to buy. I live in Port Elizabeth, eastern Cape, South Africa. My main focus for the business is to care for dogs, big or small and also puppies, and assisting in potty training.


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