Open Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is one of the leading cafes in the country today with 275 stores and still counting.

With their nutritious and delicious food plus an excellent customer service and commercialization, the company continues to grow with so many franchises nationwide.

If you want satisfying cold fruity drinks and smoothies, you have to go to your nearest Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Currently, that is what numerous Americans do whenever they want to have something to quench their thirst. Over the years, this company has become successful in offering fruit smoothies. As the company grows having so many stores, they also added products now offering delicious and nutritious snacks and meals. Americans have become conscious about their health as the government promotes a healthy diet. With the existence of Tropical Smoothie Cafes around the country, we have more reason to eat the right food even if we are away from our homes.

Tropical Smoothie Cafes are found in almost every city in the United States. It has become a food hang-out for all ages and the store has been becoming more and more popular with growing stores nationwide. Right now, there are over 275 stores around the United States and to them, this is like sharing a piece of paradise to people who are enjoying the products of this company. It is not impossible for this company to prosper because the food and drinks that they serve are truly the ones that people are enjoying. Aside from the excellent products, the customer service and the attractive stores are definitely a place that every customer comes back to regularly.

There are currently 34 states where 80 more Tropical Smoothie Cafes are being developed. According to surveys, this is one of the food stores that people are always looking forward to have in their place. It has always been proven that the concept of the cafe is very saleable. With the healthy and nutritious food, fast and clean service, stores with a nice tropical ambiance, and refreshingly delicious smoothies – this can be a whole package of a company that will surely be compared to a piece of paradise!

If you want to be a part of the growing family and the enormous popularity and profits that the company is gaining, then this is the time join the Tropical Smoothie Cafes family of franchisee. Starting to open Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchise is just easy and not hard to reach when it comes to capital investment. The initial investment ranges from $75,000 to $100,000 in liquid assets and for a total of about only $244,000 to $345,000 if you will include with the liquid assets other investments such as equipment, signage, leasehold improvements, initial inventory, architectural plans, initial deposits, grand opening promo, and other estimated expenses. That’s a small investment for one of the highly-acclaimed and most lucrative food businesses in the country today!

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  • karen wong said on September 20, 2009
    want to know more about the franchise business. we are from malaysia and do you have franchisee in malaysia and the franchise fee and etc about the business. kindly provide the information. thank you and warmest rgds. karen


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