Starting Wholesale Food Business

You are probably asking yourself what are the necessary basic business prerequisite needed for you to operate a wholesale food business. Let us guide you to one of the necessary task for you to operate without hassle in your planned wholesale food business.

We’ll give the basic tips and knowledge how to meet this prerequisite.

Executing a planned wholesale food business does not stop at doing a meticulous business plan and financially building up operation buildings. It does not even begin with a successful sealing of deals with food providers and producers to supply the wholesale food business one is planning to build. The necessary and basic prerequisite to operate does not stop in these tasks and to-do list. There is still one more thing that a would-be wholesale food business entrepreneur has to consider. And this basic necessary task can not be avoided by the businessman: this is getting passed the standard prerequisites to get a license from the government to get the operation running.

Below are just some of the basic standard points that should be given attention to once getting into wholesale food business. There may be several more things that your government might ask for when one is asking for a wholesale food business license, but the list below is the standard.

The Construction and Design of the Plant that will House the Wholesale Food Business

Since the operating wholesale food business is a tough work and difficult to operate, the necessity of having a plant or warehouse to house the operation cannot be avoided. And in this aspect, before one can get a license from the city government to operate wholesale food business, the design and construction of the building where the operation will be undertaken should pass the standard set by the government.

Included in the standard set by the government is the water supply and plumbing system installed in the building. The plumbing supply should meet the criteria set by the government for any wholesale food business building.

The Health and Hygiene of Employees is a Factor for Wholesale Food Business

Since the product by which wholesale food business will be involved is the distribution of food to other business entities like restaurant, schools, and private businesses, the prerequisite that the employees of any wholesale food business should pass health and sanitary inspection of the government.

Wholesale Food Business should Pass Control Programs Concerning Health Concerns

Operation of wholesale food business will not get the approval of the government without it passing the control program wherein the monitoring of the safe handling of food by the organization is not meet. This standard prerequisite to get a license to operate is one of the strictest of among the rules of the government. This issue on operating wholesale food business concern basically the quality and safety of food products the firm distribute to it various clients and patrons.


  • mapula said on May 19, 2010
    i want to start a wholesale nuts and am asking for ideas
  • abdi said on March 30, 2011
    I would like to start a wholesaling ethnic food business. My plan is to import fish and spice also process some of them here in canada at the taste of some ethnic group. i am wondering if i'm mixing three different way of conducting business(import, wholesaling and manufacturing). Could you light that up for me please also what would be the risk factors. Best regard. ottawa, canada
  • yemi said on December 23, 2011
    i will like to sell wholesale fruits and vegetables in nigeria. Pls give me idea on storage, licenses, and risk
  • kim said on April 8, 2012
    In donegal, pa. 15646, Small wholesale for fresh/frozen fish, fresh veggies, and other food stuff. What licenses that I need?
  • HITESH SHARMA said on May 19, 2012
    dear sir, i want to start food product wholesale business in himachal kangra. how this possible tell me. my mobile number--09736114686
  • ishwar vishwakarma said on February 5, 2013
    i want to start food product packing like rice, pulse, business in mumbai. Pls give me idea on storage, licenses, risk, how to start it
  • Kris said on May 20, 2014
    I want to export decorative goods and looking for customer
  • nadeem said on July 7, 2014
  • Piyush agrawal said on February 23, 2016
    My name is piyush and i want to start a wholesale business of food like rice,wheat,pulse and bajra how much capital i needed to start dis and what risk to be taken please ans me.
  • Piyush agrawal said on February 23, 2016
    Hi i want 2 start a wholesale business of food like rice wheat and pulse hoe much capital i needed to start dis business and how much risk to be taken i m fr raipur , c.g please ans me mob no.- 9575131372
  • mohmmad mustaq ahmad said on March 19, 2016
  • Nitinkumar Shinde said on November 21, 2021
    Sir, I am looking to start whole sale food grain & g rosary business like wheat, rice, chawali chana moong cell no 9869970777


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