Wholesaling Handbags

Probably you are planning to venture in the business of wholesaling handbags but don’t know what are the important things to do or remember once in the business. We will guide you on how to venture in this business and help you be successful in this lucrative business.

We will provide you simple tips and tricks on how to run a wholesaling handbags business.

The tips and tricks on how to engage in wholesaling handbags business is not far different from any other business involves selling in a wholesale volume. Somehow, the scheme on how to engage in this kind of business where wholesaling handbags is concerned can be applied too with other wholesaling business. Yet, there are still some tips and tricks that are inherently different and can only be applied to the business of wholesaling handbags. Nevertheless, whether it is applicable to other wholesale business or particularly wholesaling handbags, the tips and tricks given below can be applied by anyone to his business of wholesaling handbags. And if these tips and tricks are applied or followed by any businessman engaged in wholesaling handbags, the rate of success can be concluded as high if not certain.

How to Deal with Bag Providers When Doing Wholesaling Handbags

Half of the work a businessman has to do when venturing in wholesaling handbags is dealing with bags providers. After successfully finding bag providers to supply one’s wholesaling handbags business, the next task to do is how to handle and deal with these suppliers. It does not matter whether the bag provider one has found is located in China or India or even in New York. The important thing to remember is how to deal with them so that the quality of the handbags delivered are good.

One of the tricks of the trade when involved in wholesaling handbags is getting the right deal from the suppliers. The rule of the thumb is “do not ask for too high discount”, since this will boomerang on the quality of the products itself. If one got a huge discount from the bag provider, it must be understood that the provider will get his fair share of the deal by choosing cheap materials for the handbags or even sacrificing the quality by which these products are made. It is enough to ask for a good deal, enough for the provider to deliver high quality products.

Ask for Sample Products from Providers when Engaged in Wholesaling Handbags

It is not right just to get the specification of the product by mere paper description or pictures. The businessman who is engaged in wholesaling handbags ought to make sure that the products he gets from the providers are the ones he expects. Before finally sealing the deal for a bulk order from a provider, the businessman wholesaling handbags should first get a personal check of the products itself. This simple business trick is very important to ensure that the handbags ordered is the same with what is expected of them, quality-wise.


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    i am a bathmat manufacturer for 4 years but not getting success in local market. now i want to export my items that is come in home furnishing. please help how can i get success
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  • theodoris kampolis said on March 29, 2011
    i have already providers and i dont know the way which i can show the samples of handbags to the retailers.is it necessary to have an exhibition or i can show the photos of the samples on the laptop? please can you help me...??? thank you. Theodore kampolis
  • Ilhaam Busaidi said on May 8, 2012
    I am a Designer House in Europe for handbags and shoes and am interested is becoming a provider to the major stores in the USA. How do I go about launching/introducing my products. High End, Thank You Ilhaam Busaidi
  • Kamandar said on August 23, 2012
    are the copies of the designer handbags available at lower rates. However, cheaper price does not mean that the handbag is any lower in quality. In fact the design and make of the bag is such that it is very difficult to point out which is the original handbag and which is the .
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