Starting Schlotzsky's Franchise

The Original sandwich which started the Schlotzsky's success continues to give enjoyment to people together with the restaurants other delectable products.

For nearly four decades, the Home of the Original Sandwich continues to grow having unstoppable franchise in and outside the United States.

If you have tasted the Original Schlotzsky’s sandwich then you will know why this one-of-a-kind sandwich has won the hearts and appetites of the customers that keep on coming back over the years. It only started in a small shop in Austin, Texas in 1971 serving such delectable sandwich, and now, Schlotzsky's is already providing good food in their locations in 35 states and six locations outside the United States. With their growing franchise, the food store has already gained success even in the international market. Right now, they have a menu that has already evolved but of course, the Original sandwich has to stay to be enjoyed by more generations. People are also enjoying Schlotzsky's hot sandwiches, fresh baked breads, Panini, pizzas, toasted wraps, gourmet soups, tossed salads, and a whole lot more equally delicious food.

The high-quality and fresh ingredients that they gave the company recognition to people who have been enjoying their products are continuously maintained. This is one of their secrets why customers consider this company as one of their favorites. Aside from the good food, the company has earned the trust of the customers since they have been the pioneer of a casual restaurant that serves food fast and fresh. They offer affordable meals and at the same time letting the customers feel a comfortable ambiance in any of their stores. With an excellent customer service, modern restaurant design, and deliciously unique products, the Schlotzsky's franchisee family continues to grow and the company continues to evolve.

The success of “Schlotzsky's Deli, Home of the Original Sandwich” is undeniable. This is also the reason why they are unstoppable when it comes to expansion. This is a way to make the delicious sandwiches of Schlotzsky's to be enjoyed by more and more people not only in the United States but around the world. It will also help businessman to own a business that will surely give them the revenues that they want and the success of the name that the company possesses. So for passionate and competent groups and individuals, Schlotzsky's is a franchise opportunity for them who are into owning a single and multi-restaurant business.

Schlotzsky's have the franchise reputation of regularly focusing and taking good care of their franchisees and helping them turn customers to become fans of their products. They provide training and support to the members of their franchisee family which includes product development, strategies in marketing, management, area development, and business consultation.

Franchise fee is only $30,000 and the annual royalty fee is only 6%. The total investment required is only $343,600 to $618,500.


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