The Idea of Buying the Company You Worked For

You need to understand that there are tax implications if you want to buy out the company that you are working for. You also need to determine how much your business cost. After that, you can find different options when it comes to financing deals.

The last one could be very hard nowadays since banks are strict when it comes to financing. The truth is when you decide to buy a company; you already placed your trust on seller and of course if they entertain you, they probably felt the same way.

If you are planning to buy the company you are working for, you are the ideal buyer most sellers dream of. You definitely know the business. You are able to track the success of the business. Most probably the seller has a confidence in you which are important in selling a business. They don’t need to pay brokers in order to find the best buyer. It is wise if you can use these to your advantage. In this way, you can probably get a good deal.

Actually when it comes to buying a company, you are rather buying for ownership or business assets. A good lawyer or tax attorney can help you in this matter. There are actually different tax problem for each sale. It is also best if you can get business valuation from a professional so that you will know the value of the whole enterprise. The price of the entire business is dependent not only on its production but also on the similar investment you can give elsewhere. It is advisable if you can talk to the sellers about splitting the cost of the valuation.

You need to follow earn out model. It is a sale structure that is effective however it has pitfalls. The buyer and sellers are partners during this time. It is very important that they do business together and procedures are in order so as to avoid tension. It is much better if you structure the payment based on the earnings of the sellers. This earnings can be a defined as income before cutting the taxes, insurances, interest and other non recurring expense.

If you don’t like this idea, there are alternative that you can do. You can ask for a specific price and ask the seller for some portion of it. Of course the interest should be deferred to allow the revenue to grow. Another idea that you can do in order to minimize the debt is to purchase at least half of the company and the rest in a specific period. This will give a great option to save. This could be determined by appraisal. The owner of the company can give you the right to buy the rest of the company at a given time. This deal would allow the seller to meddle with the company’s growth and not to let you pay the interest until you have the whole company under your leadership. Another thing to remember is the economy. All might not be well in the few years, so it is best not pay on performance.


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