Business Professional Dress Code

Abiding with the business professional dress code will not only give you and your company a good image but will also make you respected. Here are useful tips that can give idea on what to wear.

Having the proper dress code will gain you more respect and will give you more confidence that will give you boost in your career. In any company, part of the culture is having the proper business professional dress code especially to the office employees.

Some may be stricter when it comes to the style and appearance but some can be more casual or semi-formal. Whatever dress code a company will require, it is important that we follow this code that they prescribe. In some ways, it can give a good image to you and the company as a whole.

For men, here is some of the usual business professional attire that they can follow. A business suit is a standard costume for men who are in the business world. This will always make a man look professional and sophisticated. But sometimes, a man can also wear smart casuals at work that will still make him look professional such as blazers with dress slacks or some khaki pants that are stylish. It is but a usual requirement for a man to wear a tie in this dress code. During winter or when it is cold, it is okay for men to look preppy with sweater and shirt with tie inside. This will make any man look professionally amazing.

Now let’s see what professional women can wear. Female business suits or a skirt and blouse tandem can make a woman look in control. However, they can also wear formal shirts, slacks and other combinations as long as it is formal. The whole idea of being professional as a woman is being conservative when it comes to dressing up. Some women may try to be extra revealing in their clothes but it has to be avoided. It can somehow distract other people at work, especially men. Professional women should look respectable and at the same time beautiful but not like office porn starlets. Any kinds of body art or tattoos should be covered. Being conservative and tasteful in selecting jewelry is also advisable. Now, this can make a woman look sophisticated, stylish, and gorgeous.

Let’s take in consideration the appropriate colors to wear. Being conservative is still applied when it comes to professional wardrobe. Power colors are highly-recommend to be worn in business which includes black, dark gray, navy blue, and some earth colors. Avoid very attractive colors that are too bright for the eyes and can easily catch attention and distract others. In shoes, men should always wear dark ones and no tennis shoes. Women are expected to wear flats or with heels. Open-toes shoes and strapless ones for women are not advisable.

Aside from the proper choice of clothing, proper hygiene must also be present. Now, this completes a total business professional look.


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