Start a Walking Club Business

Walking is a vital part of our life. Walking clubs are becoming a fad nowadays, especially for health-conscious professionals who do not want to sacrifice their health while getting serious with their work.

Start a walking club business in your community. Know how to start it and start walking your way to success.

Tired of Walking all by Yourself?

Do you want to meet new people and organize a small, chatty group, all while taking a long walk? Well, I bet it’s time to start a walking club business.

  • Why Start a Walking Club?
  • There is no walking club in your place.
  • Your area’s walking clubs are not active enough.
  • You want to fulfill what isn’t offered in other walking clubs, like more challenging or leisurely walks, late afternoon walks, etc.
  • You want to build friendships and know more about your club members through walking.
  • You want to give bonuses to the walking club members, like who walked the farthest, etc.
  • You want to establish a newsletter, email group, or website to connect with other walking club members.
  • And in the end, you want to make money starting a walking club.

Start a Walking Club

  • But before you start a walking business, take note of some of the tips that can be very helpful in making your walking club business successful.
  • A walking club will never be a walking club unless you have a group of people to share the activity with. Find out who wants to join your club. Start asking around and know who is willing to devote a part of their time to meet and walk in the park. Initially, start with your friends and family. Indeed, it will be a delightful activity. Not only will you have a walking companion, but you’ll also enjoy the company that they bring.
  • Plan your walking late in the afternoon or during dusk. Most people won’t be available until around 6:00 pm since some are working. Walking in the evening, especially during summer months, is an excellent choice since it is usually more relaxed compared to other parts of the day. This is a critical choice, especially in areas with high temperatures.
  • Have a friendly, comfortable pair of shoes and a handy walking stick. It’s always nice to walk when you feel comfortable.
  • Have walking when the weather is good. You can do it in spring, summer, or fall. Likewise, consider the place and the weather in your area.

Take a rest before you start walking. You may want to build your stamina before you walk, but this can overwhelm you and even make you feel tired before you start walking.

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  • Lebogang Molote said on August 12, 2009
    I think this is interesting, so how do i make it more exciting?
  • sachin jain said on April 24, 2010
    how can u charge for becoming a walking club member as everybody can do it on there own and u are not providing any services or infrastructure? can i get some success stories on this ?
  • Andy said on May 12, 2011
    A good part time business. We do a Nordic walking club, charge £35 per year and do 48 walks of about one hour and two hour walks per year, one per week with four weeks off. Walks are either weekdays, or weekends. Not loads of money, but it is just one part of our fitness business. Also our dog loves it...
  • Tee said on May 15, 2012
    I live in NYC. I have the same questions as Jain, and Molote, also how can we turn this passion into a profitable business?
  • joseph maggio said on November 17, 2020
    I saw there was a walk coach certification but can’t find it any more
  • Kevin said on March 19, 2021
    also how can we turn this into a profitable business?


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