Inventory Control Duties

Inventory control involves physical inventory. Maintaining the acceptable level of inventory is one of the duties included in inventory control.

Likewise, inventory control is important in the operation of a business and for its success.

Taking the job of inventory control would require knowing the duties as well as job description in order to carry out the job efficiently. Taking inventory control includes inventory of raw materials, manufacturing activities as well as inventory for sale. Thus, inefficient inventory can cause shutting down of operation and loss of revenue. On the other hand, too much inventory can also cause problems due to breakage and obsolesces.

Nature of Work

Applying for inventory control, an individual should understand first the nature of work. An inventory control professional should have the ability to work in different conditions and climates. Usually, they often work in factory buildings and warehouses that have extreme temperature depending on the climate. Doing inventory control you will be exposed to dirt, chemicals and other industrial products. However, in some cases the inventory employee do paperwork and other indoor task such as computer processing of the inventory.


Maintaining accurate and acceptable inventory levels is the top most duty of an inventory control employee. It is their duty to report any cases of overages, shortages as well as monthly inventory for replenishment. Performing inventory control is important to avoid shut down of operation and at the same time avoid shortages of products. Likewise, it is also the duty of the inventory control professional to classify, label and maintain the inventory that is not in use. They should maintain accurate records for the location of the inventory for easy retrieval. Thus, effective inventory control would mean keeping everything organized. In addition, it is also the responsibility of the inventory control personnel to communicate about the locations and inventory level to all the department managers. Likewise, they should also keep the record of inventory for disposal and transfers. Implementing a control system can help reduce breakage, damage as well as inventory obsolescence.
Aside form the primary duties stated above the inventory control personnel has secondary duties to perform. He is responsible in the shipping and receiving department by recording the incoming inventory purchases. Performing complete physical inventory is also required by the company that is why inventory control personnel should reconcile the records with accurate and complete count. Accurate and proper inventory policies can help prevent inventory misuse and theft. Likewise, in case of loss the inventory control personnel can assist the investigation. Thorough understanding about the nature of work, duties and responsibilities as well as job description can help an inventory control personnel to carry out the job easily. Keep in mind that the position is accountable for the success or failure of the business. That is why it is important to note that maintaining accurate records is important.


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