Bar Manager Duties

There are no stringent requirements to becoming a bar manager. But there are some qualifications that can make one stand out among competitors. And while becoming a bar manager is not really very hard, performing as one could prove a challenge.

Here are some basic lists on the duties and job description of a bar manager.

There is no fixed qualifications to becoming a bar manager. Even fresh college graduates may become a bar manager. But you will get an edge if you are a graduate of a Hospitality Management course or you have several years of experience working in a bar, particularly as a bar tender. An experienced bar tender will have more than basic ideas on how to run a bar. And yet, those who have been promoted to bar manager from bar tender can attest that it is not as easy as it had seemed to them before.

Generally, the duties of the bar manager are to make sure the bar operates efficiently and deliver excellent service to customers. Specifically, a bar manager has the following tasks:

To the Staff:

  • To hire staff and train them on their functions and teach them the principles of good customer service
  • Bring matters to higher management in the area of administration and discipline
  • Serve as an example to the staff pertaining to punctuality, attendance, dedication and hygiene

On the Bar

  • Monitor and manage inventory of beers...and manage them so that the needed goods are delivered on time and only what is needed is sent in order to avoid spoilage or quality loss
  • Manage cash flows and make sure that transactions are properly recorded and accounted
  • Another duty of a bar manager is to oversee dining and food operation so that whatever standard the company has with regards to food and beverage, it will be maintained
  • He must also manage the staff schedule, coordinate for big event planning, as well as impose discipline among his people
  • Make sure that the bar maintains the quality of service it is known for by periodically organizing trainings in order to train staff to make them excellent service crews

To the Higher-ups

  • Make sure that the business is fully compliant with the law by keeping in tabs of: local, state and federal laws pertaining to the sale and distribution of liquors and cigarettes; health and sanitation requirements; labor laws, particularly pertaining to discrimination; and other standards that bar operator must adhere to in order to operate legally
  • Liaise between higher management and the staff in administrative and disciplinary matters
  • Of course all of these efforts are aimed at delivering the best customer service so that patrons will keep coming back to the bar. Because in summary, the duty of a bar manager is to make sure the customers are happy and stays happy.

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