Relationship Manager Duties

A business relationship manager or BRM is the person responsible for connecting certain factors of the IT department to the rest of the business.

That means that this person must have ample knowledge with regards to the business and Information Technology.

There are several duties which encompass the role of a relationship manager, these include assuring the essential technology necessary to achieve project goals, and these technological devices used must benefit the overall welfare and development of the company, therefore an essential investment and necessity as a business platform or strategy. This manager ensures that the workforce of the company is at optimum efficiency through the supply of needed equipment that will benefit the overall growth and development of the company especially in the long run.

The relationship manager is also the link between the business and Information Technology organizations outside of the business. This person will need to partner and associate with various other IT institutions in order to garner a vast array and variety of essential IT tools that will benefit the business. It is through the relationship manager that partnerships are made and the business is able to acquire a strong bond with other companies and therefore exchange not only services but ideas and development plans in business as well.

The skills required by a relationship manager include those that involve constant engagement in new technology based solutions to overall business efficacy. Therefore this person should have a very flexible demeanor, and be able to adapt to the new high tech technological devices that hit the market. Even more so be able to continue studying and researching new innovative ways to improve on the company. These aspects are not limited to the overall efficacy; rather include a broad spectrum of analysis, research, methodology and solutions in all aspects of the business, but preferably the most essential such as the business model, management, services and production.

The relationship manager therefore must meet to all his duties and this could be very strenuous for one especially in a large scale company. Therefore it is usually the case that the relationship manager has several other subordinates that report to him or her on a regular basis. Per department there should be at least one person that is able to keep track of the systems used and therefore report to the relationship manager his research, updates and findings. Generally the relationship manager should be able to socialize with a variety of people in order to reap the best benefits of his job. This person should be able to associate himself with people from all walks of life as he will be doing a lot of socializing, within the company or business as well as representing the company outside to outsourcing and third party companies. He should also be able to think out of the box and be open to suggestions that come from other people. The position requires a lot of flexibility and it is important to be able to adjust to these forms of information and therefore gear the relationship manager into improving the overall growth and development of the business.


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