What is Business Professional Dress

If you’re a business professional, there is a need to know the proper dress code. It’s hard to be stylish and professional at the same time. The attire comes in different types – professional, casual, and campus casual.

For now, you will focus more on business professional dress. As the word suggests, this refers to conservative wear.

Businesses or companies usually have different definitions as to the professional dress. Again, before you decide on the dress, you have to make an inquiry so that you can meet the expectations of your immediate superior.

If you’re a woman, you can wear suit, dress pants, blazer, and tie. You can stick with the business suit but you can also wear a blouse-skirt combination. You can also experiment on formal combinations with shirts and slacks. Observe conservativeness all the time. Avoid body arts and revealing clothes. If you plan to wear jewelry, you should be tasteful and choose conventional designs.

For the men, it can be a suit, pants, and jacket. Business suits are always recommended and if you want to wear blazers, you can pair it with khaki pants or dress slacks. A tie is necessary. Another option would be to wear a shirt and sweater, with a tie.

Business professional dress is not just the clothes. You should choose the right footwear and colors. Women should not use footwear that reveals the heels or toes; always go for close shoes, be it flats or heels. Men can wear dress shoes that are dark colored. For the colors of the dress, you have to use powerful colors like earth tones, dark gray, navy, and black.

Even if you wear an expensive business suit, you will still look untidy if you don’t have a good hygiene. Before wearing your clothes, make sure that you take a bath. Men should remove their facial hair to appear well groomed. Women with long hair should keep it maintained and wear simple makeup.

Never wear athletic footwear, jeans, t-shirts, and distracting jewelries. Observe these guidelines and you’re sure to dress appropriately. Wearing the right clothes at the right time is very important.


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