Office Christmas Party Ideas

Do you want to come up with a unique office Christmas party idea? Christmas comes once a year and everyone wants to remember it forever by enjoying the parties and exchanging gifts. Read this article to find an ideal holiday party theme for your company.

A number of companies are already looking for office Christmas party ideas especially now that the Christmas season is fast approaching.

Having a company Christmas party is a good way to alleviate the stressful responsibilities in the workplace and is a good way of fostering friendship in a business organization. Here are some things that you will find useful if you are looking for business Christmas party ideas:

Organize the party

Office Christmas party planning is very important if you are planning to have an office holiday party. Make sure that you plan and organize the party days before the actual office party schedule. Among the most important things that you have to consider when preparing for your corporate Christmas party are the location and time of the party. Choose a date and time that is convenient for all people in the organization. It is also best to choose a location that will make your office Christmas party more fun and memorable. Remember to choose for a location and book for a venue earlier because most good party venues are fully booked for office Christmas parties during December. When considering work Christmas party ideas, it is also important that you plan for office Christmas parties games that you will have fun with during the office Christmas party. Office Christmas party games make the office Christmas party a lot livelier. Make sure that you also provide prizes for winners of Christmas games for office parties so everyone will be enticed to join and participate in party games.

Set the theme for the party

When pondering on office party ideas, it will be best that you consider in your company Christmas party ideas the party themes that you will have. There are a number of party themes that you can consider for your Christmas party. You can have a 70’s Christmas party or you can have a costume Christmas party. A party theme will make your party not only theme centered but it also makes the party a lot more fun for you and your company colleagues. Send out party invitations to the people that you want to come to the party designed using the party theme. When looking for Christmas party ideas, you will also find it a good idea to take advantage of party themes in choosing Christmas gifts. This makes it easier to have the best gift ideas for your office Christmas.

1. Christmas Game Idea by: Britney (11/01/2007)

There is a cool game idea to gather some information associated to your company and use it for your question bank, they are very informative and helps in increasing employees’ awareness.

Information from your office supplies: You can pick the brand names, tag lines.
Information from clients: Pick client logos, tag lines, company CEO, project manager etc.
Information about employees: Employees birthday, Boss’s age, team leader’s favorite food etc.
Company history: When your company started, who is the founder, how many people started your firm etc.

It will be fun to see employees unaware of these facts and getting embarrassed in the office party.

2. Christmas Party Game by: Nicole (11/02/2007)

It’s a fast party game which will involve music and all your employees. They all will have to sit on floor forming a circle and music will be played on demand. There will be a lottery to pick the first person to start this Christmas game, whoever is selected will start walking around the circle with a scarp/token. He/she will drop the scarp behind someone and if the person can’t realize it till he/she comes back then he/she is out of the game - the person sitting next will start walking with the scrap. If a person can realize that he/she has the scarp and will have to walk before the person reaches. This continues till the Christmas game finds a winner.

Rules for Christmas Game: A person looks back and finds the scrap then it’s alright, if he/she misses for 2 times then on third time he/she will be out of the game. Person walking with the scarp will have to hide it completely. No cheating by helping each other.

If you try this Christmas party game in your office then let us know how you enjoyed it.

3. Office Party Invitation Tips by: Carlos (11/03/2007)

There are few things to be taken care while inviting colleagues and bosses. Few things can cost a lot if it is done incorrectly.

  • Discuss with your immediate superiors and bosses to fix a time when everyone can participate in office party and games without any complains.
  • Select an invitation card which suits all and doesn’t hurt anyone’s emotion.
  • Never forget to mention the party date, time and venue on the invitation card. You should write a small summary – Make sure to mention your theme and dress code only if you have one for the party. It’s advisable to give the direction to the venue along your invitation card.
  • Lastly, don’t drink a lot, be careful while discussing on something official, don’t drive after you are drunk.

4. Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas by: Erica (11/04/2007)

  • 1. GearHead 1.4-inch Digital Picture Frame Keychain – This product is just for $19.99 at This digital picture frame keychain is listed as $39.99 and it holds up to 56 color pictures. It has in-built rechargeable battery, 8MB memory, USB transfer and works fine with PC & Mac.
    This offer doesn’t stay for long time so keep checking this gift item from everyday.
  • 2. Customized Coffee Mug – This gift item is generally available in $15.00 to $20.00. This is one of the most gifted items and it’s repeating the history every year. You can personalize it by adding a picture, a signature or by a quote. Customize coffee mug looks good on everyone’s office desk.
  • 3. Executive Pen Holder – This item costs $15.00 to $20.00. This gift is made of polished steel and black leather. The digital displayer gives the date and time, temperature, daily alarm, birthday reminder, multiple musical tones, and more. This is an ideal gift for colleague.
  • 4. GearHead LCD 7.0 inch Digital Photo Frame – You can buy this gift item for $49.99 at This digital photo frame is listed at $99.00 and it comes with $20.00 mail in rebate. This product comes with a remote control as well. You have to be vigilant to get this offer in time.
  • 5. First Class Leather Luggage Tags – This Christmas gift item costs around $15.00 - $30.00. This gift is perfect for boss.

5. Free Christmas Game Idea by: Jessi (11/05/2007)

Music Ball Game: This game is similar to music chair game where chair takes the major role here ball takes the same role.

This game needs at least 2 players, a ball and music. All your office staffs can stand next to each other forming a circle - workplace dj will play the music. Once the music is started then ball should be passed to the next person, the person holding the ball when music is stopped will have to leave the game. This way it should end with an employee who will be declared as winner.

To make this Christmas game different and more interesting you can give permission for passing the ball to anyone instead of passing to next. Good luck and have fun this Christmas.

6. Christmas office party game by: Jim (11/06/2007)

This Christmas office party game is very simple – you will have to collect a series of Christmas song tunes and its lyrics. You can make as many teams as you want and make them sit with their group. You might not see a lot of rules for this Christmas office party game but few are mandatory, if a group will not be able to name the song in 15 seconds then turn is forwarded to next group. You can set 5-10 rounds of tunes to be asked and declare the winner according to their scores at the end of Christmas office party game.

7. Office Christmas party gift idea by: Steve (11/06/2007)

Here is a rare offer by for $29.99. This Christmas party gift is a MP3 player manufactured by Sandisk and it has a memory of 2GB. Listed price for this gift item is 199.00 but you can buy it for $29.99 as it is refurbished. Your final price will be $29.99 if you choose your check out through Google. Make it fast, this Sandisk Sansa e250 can’t be less than $29.99 anywhere else.


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