Business Development Responsibilities

Bleakness is prevalent in the world today, especially in the business sector. Yet these simple tips could help your business stay afloat. Have you ever remembered some tips from your teacher during school days? You'd better remember them, as they might be one the ways your business could be saved. Have you ever found group responsibilities overlapping each other, which would eventually lead to chaos and anarchy?

You'd better find a way to delineate their responsibilities, or else see the plan go awry. Oh, and don't forget the ultimate plan which is to save your business.

 With crises abound, it seems businesses have been bleak about their future. Desperation and wanton extrication of important human resources have made most companies wail in agony on what should their next step be in this uncertain time. Jobs are constantly cut off, supplies are greatly decreased, the general office mood is that of somnolence and ineptitude, and people lose their life and vigor while working, with the mentality that they would be the next one in line in the unemployment line. With this in context, it would seem improbable, if not impossible, for companies to develop or progress. Yet simple steps could save a company from impending doom.

Do you remember what your teachers would constantly impose on us every day? They’d let us do homework every night. This simple advice would be able to give the company the confidence and boost for its survival. Working on the current economic crisis’ effect on the company could give you the problem that it imposes on you. In effect, finding the problem would help you look for the solution. Establishing business plans which would give definite and doable objectives would give people an action plan.

An important tip would be on organization. A well-established hierarchy would delineate responsibilities and limits of power that some people would like to trip when they’re bent on doing it. Let the business development manager or head of the business development department spearhead the delineation process. It must be emphasized that even though positions and people are kept apart, they as a whole must work as a team. But individually they must distinguish themselves in the roles they work in. They must work in the responsibilities they were given to efficiently, lest they be faced with the wrath of joblessness. This may be harsh but some people feel that living with a chopping block so close to their heads would actually help them boost their efficiency output.

In conjunction with that, it is also the responsibilities given to each member of the team that must be given great significance. Good business management requires members of the management team to have responsibilities that are in line with their specialty. Should no one be capable of fitting the responsibility you are to assign to him/her, then find someone who’d be willing to do the job, but don’t expect too much. The responsibilities given must be reachable and consistent with the ultimate goal which is to expand and develop your business.

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  • Tony JAJA said on July 31, 2012
    Dear Sir, My name is Tony Jaja we have established a new business of aviation in our country South Sudan, the company name is South Sudan Airlines, but we needs more advice for us to do a good business in our young nation in Africa, South Sudan so help me as we are starting this business. Waiting for your reply. Thank. Regards Tony Jaja


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