Buying a Used Tow Truck

Buying used tow trucks can be easy if you stick with a few principles. Every major purchase needs a plan of preparation. This business article will help you work on a game plan on how to buy the right used tow truck for your needs.

Following our guidelines for buying a towing truck can save you from unavoidable future problems and save you a lot of big dollars as well.

Determine the purpose of your truck

To be able to utilize a second hand truck, you should begin with a purpose. Ask yourself “What’s the end product for buying a used tow truck?” On a blank sheet of paper write down the ideas you want to use this truck for. Will you use it for towing? Maybe you have a towing business and this truck will play a role in servicing your clients. How about having it rented? On the other hand you may have an affordable truck rental business and you can use this truck for that. What about buy and sell? Truly there are many options you can do with a tow truck. It all depends on your imagination. Try to visualize how you will be using this truck in context with you’ve have listed.

Gather data about the truck you want to purchase

Next, determine the type of tow truck you need. Get busy with the details. However if you have little information about trucks, it would be to your advantage if you would do a little studying and reading before buying one.

Having that done, focus on the data about the truck that you need. Know what engine type you need for your truck. How big a truck are you looking to buy? Are you looking for a particular truck year model or brand? Try searching the web for more information about tow trucks and specific models. I’m sure there’s plenty of information to help you.

Make comparison studies

After you have decided on the model and type of truck you want to purchase, try visiting truck reviews on that truck as well. Read on the different truck features and comments. Then make a list of extra things you would like to see in a truck. It is a good idea to have a basis of comparison when purchasing a second hand truck. This will serve as a guideline when you visit potential truck sellers. It will help you identify the right truck for you and make the shopping faster.

Search out potential sellers and then make a big list

Now you are ready to move on. Identify potential truck sellers in your area. Try to look at newspaper ads, visit auctions and truck dealers then begin writing a list. Set a time and date to visit or contact these listings to find your tow truck.

Prepare for potential maintenance problems

It will be a good idea to include repairs in your plan since you’ll be buying a secondhand. Try to look for repair shops with adequate truck supplies for your truck that is near your area.

Check your cash budget

Finally, do your math and check your cash availability. Figure out a system how you will finance your used tow truck. Will you use a credit card? How about your savings? Maybe you can borrow the money from someone else.


  • Joe said on August 3, 2009
    Great info, but I was looking into this and one area i was looking at also asks you have it IN POUND as well. the land and security costs would kill the start up costs for me. Do you know if other "towing services" pair up or lease out their lots? Why are so many trucks for sale. Is it hard to make money doing this?
  • Crystal Cornitcher said on January 5, 2010
    I want to purchase a used tow truck in good condition, with a hydrolic lift to follow in my deceased fathers business Rich's tow service, may he rest in peace. I live in the philadelphia area, and I would like to carry on in my dads business. I am a college graduate and there are no jobs. I have property I've owned for over thirty years and I have very good equity in my home, and would like to use that as collateral. West Philadelphia in Philadelphia Penna
  • dedy hermawan said on January 8, 2010
    What to do before Used Tow Trucks to start your business?
    Buying used tow trucks is seeing good times these days, it is one of the good idea for business about trucks. Because it will be cheaper and this way you don’t need to invest a lot on them. And also you should to know what different types exist before you buy used tow trucks and where each one is useful.
  • GREGORY PEARSON said on January 22, 2010
  • David Hunt &Barry Coleman said on January 30, 2010
    i am in Sac, CA, US and i would like to buy one tow truck.
  • Ena said on February 27, 2010
    I have very nice one available right now ( WA ) Has everything. $48,000
  • gary said on April 4, 2010
    i want to buy a used towing truck. garys towing/livonia mi 48150
  • sunny said on May 4, 2010
    i want to buy a tow truck of my own and also wanna. buy scrap car ect pls guide me. how much money do i need and how do i get started. god bless you.
  • Val. said on May 27, 2010
    hi, i always want to start my own tow business. and also i have money. i would like to buy from some one hands, who was in the business. please let me know. Thank you. Val Sacramento, Ca
  • Lori Malone said on June 19, 2010
    I am a single female, looking into starting a towing business in PeEll Washington and provide service from here to the beach since there isn't this much business out here right now. What steps do I need to take first, how do I obtain funding that is easily paid back or obtain a grant for a first time business owner. Plus, why are there so many tow trucks for sale? Is the business not that beneficial to own any more? And finally, do I need to have my own impound yard or will I be able to use ones already in place?
  • kenny said on July 9, 2010
    have no start up money to start towing and repo business but have business contracts to tow in place bad credit and no collateral for loan how in the world can i get start up capital
  • Chris said on July 13, 2010
    Is the tow truck business beneficial to own in the raleigh durham north carolina area
  • Alfred Grant said on July 14, 2010
    For more information on Tow Truck Business and where to find a good truck at a reasonable price and also car loan to make purchase contact me at
  • Juan Diaz said on November 10, 2010
    i am looking to buy a 1986 chevy tow truck what should i look for. this is my first time buying one. I don't want to look like if i don't know what i'm doing. WHAT SHOULD I DO!!
  • Michelle Morgan said on December 14, 2010
    My husband and I want to start a towing company in Maryland and are looking for some ideas about how to find start up money.
  • Edgar said on December 16, 2010
    I'm looking to start a towing business in the Dallas, Tx area. I know that there must be licenses and insurance that are must haves. What licenses would I be needing and where can I go to get information to prepare myself to obtain them? I also want to buy a pre-owned tow truck as well to keep my start up cost low. Where can I start looking to find them? Last question, I plan to establish a few business relationships with bodyshops to get good business leads as far as potential customers, whats your opinion on that?
  • Peter Kerua said on December 21, 2010
    I want to start a towing business in Papua New Guinea, I am having problem to buy a new tow truck, I am looking for a 1980s American built (used) tow truck that can suit the rugged trans in my country, who is willing to sale ?
  • mr.thason t p said on January 24, 2011
    we are an approved vendor for ground support services push and pull back 737-400,800 and atr aircrafts, currently we are seeking for an second hand tow truck please advice or gives us advice for us to render our service rgds mr.thason senior general manager, of skytrim sdn bhd, malaysia.
  • simarsan said on June 22, 2011
    i need to start towing business in minnesota area but i do it have experience please help me or give me advice
  • Final Notice Towing & Recovery said on December 9, 2011
    I am starting a new small towing business here in indiana. I have been in the Towing & recovery business for well over 15 yrs. I own a '01 f350 4x4 1-ton dually super-duty supercab with a original minute man lift. I have a very good setup with my truck motorcycle attachment, 5th wheel attachment, video cam system, the works the truck is loaded & I own it clear. Now here is my problem ... I'm broke! lol I dont have the money to get my insurance started on it, to get dollies & gojaks for it. or add a few strobes that i want to it. I have a great business plan will be offering 24/7 365 complete road service, including up to 15% repo. now that you know about me & my business here is my question. I am looking for the cheapest insurance rate for a indiana tow truck. the cheapest place to buy good selfloading dollies & gojaks besides awdirect & gojak? who would offer a loan to help me get this started I am only about $2000 short of what i need to complete my business needs. Email me and let me know.
  • heath said on January 29, 2012
    to help every one out if your trying to start a tow biz and you have experience and no money try forming a corporation to get a fresh start and build business credit, how ever if you never been in the towing biz and want to start one .first get a job as a tow truck driver before you try to start one so if you know you like it or not.
  • Johnny said on July 18, 2012
    I am thinking about buying used rollback and wrecker I have always worked on cars and this will be a new venture how do you get the how do you register to get the work with roadside assistance I live in western KY
  • james said on July 21, 2012
    i want to start a towing co and need to know how i can get a small business loan with bad credit i towed for 13 years and very good at it i'm looking to start out with a self loader i live in northern virginia i also know plenty of people that i can tow for so if you can help let me know thankyou
  • said said on April 11, 2013
    I Want to start a small towing business in las vegas nevada ,to service auto repair shops, body shops and auto dealers. I need to know which steps i should take first. How much does the operating license cost ? Do i need an inpound yard.
  • Richard said on April 11, 2013
    Kansas City,MO I'm trying to get my roll back tow truck DOT inspected, I need insurance and i need to know what other requirements i need to operate because the information isn't clear enough, so please tell me how much it cost for DOT inspection and any other cost to be legal.


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