Why Are Newspapers Going Out Of Business

Most people believe that the Internet’s popularity as well as the ever rising numbers of the electronic portable gadgets are the main reasons or as they quote “the death knell” of the print media industry.

This generally refers to newspaper industry.

Generally Perceived Reasons

The question that usually pops up to numerous individuals especially the young one is that “why would we subscribe to newspapers which are bulky and tree killing industry when we can have it free on the internet?” In connection with this, newspapers normally force one to read articles which are very lengthy while the online newscasts can summarize everything on a format which is concise and full. As years passed, several newspapers have already waved their white flag as a sign that they have surrendered to the modern ways of delivering news. The trend of the industry remains to be in a low level and there are only a few of the positive signs that it can still compete with other media. This happens even though newspapers are always changing the days of their issues and their distribution methods, revamping their distribution areas, and filing for their bankruptcy.

Three Main Reasons

Three main reasons have been formulated for the failing of the newspaper industry today. The first one is that in any type of industry, it usually happens that over the passage of time, those best run and most productive enterprises will later out compete those poorly run and managed ones. In an economic system which is free, it is normal and natural for a player or two main players to obtain all of the business. This is why it cannot be compared to a monopoly. With regards to this, monopoly is a type of system where there is exclusivity to a service or an industry which is being defended by a force of the government. Let us take for example the telephone company, it was once a monopoly and still is. Other examples are the post office and the Microsoft.

The second main reason is what most people think of the major cause of the failing of the newspaper industry, and that it the rise of the internet. Internet makes the printed news not really news at all. Printed news becomes history as compared to the internet news once it is printed. Although newspapers provide analysis as well as questions, their news are already discussed in the internet through the use of the numerous cameras of the cell phone. Technology generally creates new forms of industries, and this becomes the cause of the breakdown of the newspaper industry.

The third one is that the number of the manufacturers that are producing the very same product is too many. Their numbers are over the market’s capacity. As observed by many, newspapers are becoming redundant and therefore become unneeded.


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