Starting a Chinese Grocery Store

Opening a Chinese grocery store can be your passport to success. However, you have to put into consideration some factors, like the capital, products, and consumers before opening a Chinese grocery store. See to it that you are at the right place and time before you open your Chinese grocery store.

Starting a Chinese grocery store in your nearby Chinatown or even in your own locale can be lucrative venture for you, especially if you have the right resources, customers, and staff to help you man the business.

Most Chinese who live in the United States or Europe always want to get a taste of their homeland’s food or products. And since you just know what they want, you don’t start a Chinese grocery store in your place? Here are the tips on how to get started.

Know the product you’re going to sale.

With this, a lot of questions might run into your head.

  • What do these Chinese want?
  • Do I have suppliers to supply me with Chinese goods?
  • Are these products really from China?
  • Who will buy my products?
  • Are Chinese products safe? These are just some of the questions that might ring you when you plan to start a Chinese store business.

Make sure you have a large number of customers

Place your store somewhere in the Chinatown or wherever there is a large number of Chinese living. There are a lot of places in the United States where you can see a lot of Chinese. These places are ideal for setting up a Chinese grocery store. Likewise, see to it your customers will like your products and services. There’s no better way of attracting more customers to come into your store that giving the best of your products. Word of mouth is very powerful, remember! And if they like what you sell, they’ll surely tell it to every Chinese that they know.

Estimate your capital

Your capital all depends upon the kind of store you want. If you want a big one, then, your capital will also have to be big. Plus, include in your start up money the bills that you’ll have to foot in importing Chinese goods.

Get a business permit

Don’t do any business, especially when it has to do with importing, as long as you haven’t obtained a business permit. You don’t want to imagine your business being shut down, right?

Have a good relation with your customers

Make friends with the Chinese. Know them and know their culture. Join in their activities, meetings, and gatherings. The best way to serve is to know them well. And when you know them, you’ll also get to know what they want. Likewise, socializing with them will give you the opportunity to introduce your store to the community. Let these be your chance of handling business cards and pamphlets of your store.


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