How to Start a Garden Accessory Store

Are you interested in gardening? Is gardening your passion? Do you want to make money in gardening business? Have you always wanted to start your own garden accessory store?

If you have then here is a guide to teach you and help you on how to start a garden accessory store.

Starting a garden accessory store is not easy. It requires a lot of your time, energy and money but if you are really determined to start a garden accessory store then here are a few tips that might help. The first thing that any good businessman should do is to acquire as much knowledge about the business as possible. Study about gardening in general and about garden accessories and tools. Reading a little about landscaping can help too. Most of your customers would be gardeners and landscapers or designers, as an owner of a garden accessory store you should be able to answer your customers questions as well as recommend some of your products. Your garden accessory business may be booming but if you don’t know how to manage your business well then you can still fail. Read up on a little business management as well.

The W’s of starting a garden accessory store

The next thing to do is to decide what you want to sell, where you want to sell and whom you want to sell them to. Are you specializing on water garden accessories or purely land garden accessories? Are you for flower garden accessories or vegetable garden? Are you a combination of garden accessories? It is advisable to find a location that is near a gardening school or a place where there are other gardening stores like a plant shop or a gardening tools store. You can also choose a place where your store can be visible to many people. The next thing to consider is the cost of your products. With your capital, how much products can you offer? How much would rent cost, advertisements and other overhead expenses? Aside from knowing these, also consider the registration, licenses or permits that your local area may require. It would also be a good idea to get insurance for your business. Also, create a financial plan that shows your business goals, projected costs and earnings.

Marketing your gardening accessory store

Now that you know what products you want to sell, the location and the business plan, you can focus on the market for your garden accessory store. To advertise your garden accessory store you can try the usual flyers and banners. It is also effective if you advertise through word of mouth and paid newspaper advertisements. You can also choose to tie-up with other garden related businesses, such as gardening schools, gardening tools stores, plants store, among others, to advertise your product. Also, try doing business with gardening organizations.

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  • mahlatsi j mokone said on October 20, 2013
    i want to start a garden business. i have the garden bat planting i dont know what must i do to prorogues my veggies pls can you help me


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