Starting a Golf Store

Looking into boom of golf market anyone can get a preconceived notion of profit in a golf product store. You can be one among those who are making money selling demanded golf equipments. There are few things to remember when starting a golf store.

Golf remains to be a well loved game. In fact, the National Golf Foundation reported that the number of golfers have increased from 19.9 million to 26.7 million since 1986.

You can therefore take advantage of the booming golf market by investing in a golf store. By opening up a golf store, you will be giving yourself an opportunity to get a share of the $22.2 billion worth of spending that golfers in the US alone use for golf fees and equipment such as golf clubs, golf cart and golf accessories. You have two options when you are starting a golf store. You can either get a golf franchise or build your own golf store from scratch. If you prefer to start a golf store all by yourself, however, here are some valuable tips that can help you in starting a golf retail store:

Get the right golf equipment and golf accessories to sell in your golf store

Knowing what golf equipment and supplies sell the most can help in boosting the sales of your golf business. Playing golf regularly with other golfers and observing them will allow you to determine the golf swings and golf sets that your prospective clients may frequently need and look for in your golf store. Familiarize yourself on the golf clubs and golf equipment that golfers prefer to use as this will help in identifying potential best sellers in your golf shop.

Never underestimate the importance of good customer service

In the golf business industry, giving quality golf equipment and good customer service is very important to build your reputation as a golf supply and golf equipment retailer. It is therefore to your advantage if you can give valuable golfing tips and advices to your clients as this can help in establishing good relationship with them. You will therefore find it a goof idea to have some know- how in golf supplies and golf equipments such as in selecting the best golf equipment for a particular golfer because your advice will frequently be asked for by clients especially those who are buying their golf sets and golf accessories for the first time.

Know the different aspects of running and owning golf retail stores

Starting a golf store does not necessarily mean you will merely sell golf equipment. You also have to know other aspects of the golf business such as knowing about things such as golf club fitting and golf club reconstruction. You also have to familiarize yourself about marketing your golf business, the proper handling and inventory of your golf supply stocks and managing your golf business finances.


  • Arlene said on September 10, 2009
    looking for information on starting a shop for a class project.
  • Graham Martin-Dye said on January 31, 2010
    i have a huge interest in golf and would like to start one in Goulbourn, NSW, Australia
  • sean said on March 11, 2010
    Looking to open a golf shop in conjunction to driving range.
  • Robert Martin said on May 13, 2010
    Lynchburg, Va, United states. I'm interested in opening a golf shop in this area there are numerous golf courses in this are and many colleges that have golf teams. I'm just wondering what is an estimated cost of opening a golf shop and how can i get started?
  • kyle western said on September 27, 2010
    Ann arbor, MI, United states. looking to start a golf store in a high traffic mall, with no golfing product in sight. think it would be a great way to live to golf dream.
  • luke brown said on June 26, 2011
    hi i know what to stock and what not to but i was wondering if it possible to get credit accounts with the companies or do i buy stock out right myself cheers. Scunthorpe England Birthplace of the Great Tony Jacklin :0)


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