Starting a Scrapbook Store

Scrapbook making is one business venture that has small overhead expenses. You do need these to be successful: great background knowledge on the craft, a good ear on what the competition has to offer, a location for your business (whether it is a brick-and-mortar shop or online), and a supplier that can give you a variety of wares.

Scrapbook making is not a fad.

It actually has been in existence for centuries - as old as man’s desire in preserving bits and pieces of personal history. Prominent men like Mark Twain and Thomas Jefferson were avid scrapbook hobbyists. This type of activity still appeals to many enthusiasts of all ages, from all walks of life. More so now that scrapbook stores are offering more choices in regards to tools, color templates and embellishments.

A store like this usually arises from a hobbyist’s dream (or is obsession a better word?) to create better and fancier scrapbooks. If you are that hobbyist, then you do have a great background about what scrapbook enthusiasts would want and need. If not, but you would still like to try this business venture, then you’d better put your ear on the ground. Scrapbook making has their basic essentials like the scrapbook materials, glues, tapes, binders, preserving containers, etc; but there are “fads” that come along, and if your heart isn’t really into scrapbook making, hobbyists will not patronize your store. You can always go on-line for the latest on scrapbook making. You can also try checking out the available materials with the other stores. You can check out their rates as well. In order to gain an edge over the others, some scrapbook stores make and market their own embellishments or templates: from ribbons to miniature parts. Getting an earful of information about the scrapbook market is a great way to start your business off.

You should also decide on whether you actually want to set up a brick-and-mortar store or an online store. A brick-and-mortar store would need licenses and permits to operate, just like any conventional business. You also need to display your wares so that your customers can browse and choose whatever they want. Usually, scrapbook stores do not need a distinctive location. You can set up shop in some out of the way corner and still, hobbyists will find you. A small or medium sized store will do just fine, as long as your shop isn’t so cramped that people can’t browse about. Make sure your store is attractive to “walk-ins” or the curious pedestrians who takes a peek into what scrapbook making is. They are the ones who are most likely will try scrapbook making on their own. Who knows, they might just get hooked, and you have just netted yourself a new patron. Be extra accommodating to “old” hobbyists as well, because they are the ones who are most likely to refer your store to other scrapbook enthusiasts. Your one concern with a brick-and-mortar store is security. The embellishment pieces, the ribbons, the miniatures are all so tiny or small or thin that they can easily be lifted out of your store. Take necessary precautions – but nothing too extreme that you will actually scare off potential clients.

On the other hand, if you feel as if you cannot afford the licenses, permits or monthly rent of a store, you could still establish an online scrapbook store. You can still have all the benefits of the brick-and-mortar, minus the monthly rent and utility bills. You do however have to make arrangements for online payment and delivery / shipping to your clientele.

Having said thus, you will also need a good supplier for all the things you will want to sell in your shop, provided of course that you yourself will not be making your wares. Variety is the key. Competitive prices can also help.

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