Start a Custom Stationary Business

Now, you will know how to start custom stationary business right in your home! Learn the cost-effective techniques on how you can start and make you custom stationary business big!

If you have the talent in art or if you just like doing beautiful stationeries then you can earn income by designing your own set of stationeries and selling them.

Kids, teens, and adults alike are always fascinated with customized stationeries especially when they are writing letters to their friends and loved ones. They also use custom stationeries as paper for their poems and other literary works. If you plan to start this business and have the passion to create and experiment different designs then you can surely make this business big!

You can always start by using your own personal computer at home. Your talent and creativity will help you in creating beautiful designs. Aside from your talent, computer programs and your ability to research can do a big thing in this kind of business.

First, you need to organize the things that you might need in starting the business. It may only require you a smaller capital where you will mostly spend on quality paper and ink for the printers. You may need Internet connection but a computer program that can help you create graphics and manipulate pictures can help a lot. If you are already organized with the things that you will need then you can now think of the designs that you will first create. Make sure that your designs are timely and can grab the market that you are targeting.

Next, you must learn how to gather your different resources and tools. You can have research on the latest design styles when it comes to stationeries. You may also purchase a cheap software that contains hundreds of thousands of cute graphics and cliparts that you can use. If you can borrow then why not borrow? If you already have some stored graphics on your computer then they can be your initial resources while you are yet to earn.

When it comes to tools, you can find lots of custom stationery websites on the Internet. This can serve as your guide if you want a wide array of resources and tools. You can find templates, graphics, and other custom stationery tools. Another tool that you can have is stationery software. You can find and purchase amazing software programs on the Internet. Before buying, you can compare different kinds by availing of their trial versions first. If you are not connected to the Internet, the most accessible tool or resource that you can use are the programs that are already installed on your computer. Try to check your computer first on what tools are available that you can use.

Once you have created your first designs, you can show them to your neighbors, friends, and your other target markets. You can also talk to your local bookstores or teen shops if they can display your products in their shelves and start selling the products. You can also create catalogues and start collecting orders from your prospective customers.


  • hemanti Neti said on February 9, 2010
    I want to start a business as stationary shop in India, city chandigarh near baltana. please suggest me statonary shop (New Name) and extra suggestions.
  • Abhay A M said on October 17, 2011
    I would like to Manufacture My own Stationary books in Maharashtra, India. Where can i get d raw materials like paper, binding machines etc and would also like to know the process of making Exercise notebooks. Thank You.
  • Suresh said on October 21, 2011
    Hi, I would like to start a stationary store in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. I need best consultancy for this.
  • sarvjeet singh said on January 2, 2012
    hi i would like to start stationary business in mohali punjab. suggest me how to contact the vendors.
  • Anand B Yargattimath said on October 2, 2012
    I want to start a Stationery Business in Belgaum, Karnataka with specially for new generation items with focusing on girls items and accessories. Please suggest me how to get the required items for my business. Thank You.
  • ratnakar said on September 6, 2013
    I would like to open a small stationery shop in vasco, Goa. Please tell me where do i get materials ?
  • Ramesh S. Gawas said on November 27, 2013
    I would like to open Office and School stationery business shop in Bicholim-Goa. Please could you help me to get Wholesaler/Supplier/Distributor addresses list. Thanks...
  • Jatin said on March 4, 2014
    I want to open a stationary shop in Dhuri Distt. Sangrur Punjab, India. I have no idea from where to buy products (whether directly from whole seller or company) as I am naive to the business. Please suggest the best strategy to approach for the business. Thanks!
  • Basheer said on March 17, 2014
    i would like to start small stationery shop in Katpadi area. Please advise me to get materials in lowest cost and also need advise for running shop
  • Vipin Sharma said on May 15, 2014
    Hi, I want to start school stationery business in faridabad (haryana) Please tell from where I can purchase material on much discounted price. And which type of other item I can keep on my shop along this in cash sale. Vipin Kumar Sharma, Faridabad
  • judas said on July 17, 2014
    i want to open a stationary shop in goa. i am new to business. please help me to contact suppliers
  • pawan kumar said on December 16, 2014
    hi sir, I want to start school stationery business in kangra H.P, please suggest me how to contact to vendors for material.
  • Prasanth said on March 25, 2016
    Hi, I would like to start a stationery shop in Coimbatore, please let me know the formalities, approx investment & loan options.


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