Starting a Used Book Store

Stating a used book store business can be very fun and exciting one especially if you are familiar with a system that could help you in acquiring huge profit. All you have to do is to familiarize yourself with certain things and you are on your way to the right track.

Learn the key points in starting your own used bookstore and it can certainly make your capital profit a thousand fold.

Getting into book retail industry is lucrative nowadays especially if you target the perfect niche. A used bookstore is a small investment kind of a business. It is suited for those who want to have a regular job but at the same time wants to manage a small business. If you are a type of person who happens to love collecting books and enjoy interacting with people with similar passion then you could be the best person to run a successful used book store.

Where to start a Used Book Store business

Ideally when starting any kind of business you need to have a good starting point. It is good thing to take note that used bookstore business usually got an average risk and it may take awhile for it to be established. Nevertheless you can enjoy the fruits after sometime amidst all the fluctuations happening in the market. A used bookstore got a good percentage of supporters in the market. Place it strategically near a school or university. Also keep in mind the lifestyle of an average book buyer and how he or she browses your store.

The malls are the best place to open your used bookstore business. In case you want to open a bookstore somewhere near the proximity of another book store, make sure that you offer something that is not found in other book shops.

Things to remember when starting a Used Book Store business

After you have carefully selected your location, it is now time to focus on the interiors of the store. Make sure that the design is carefully thought about since it plays a huge role in the decision making plans of your customers to buy something out of your store. Remember that your book shelves shouldn’t be more than 6 feet in height because customers will not be able to see them. Put some sections in the store so that it will be easier to locate books.

Do everything to encourage browsers to come and go as they please because it is proven that these people can be potential book buyers. The book store should project a casual atmosphere. Once in a while put on a merchandising effort like sales, promos and discounts.

Place an advertisement on newspapers in your area. Although it is quite expensive it will be worth it as a lot of people will come to know about your book store. Target university and school papers since the readers are part of your market.

Your inventory is the main selling point of your store. If you have your own collection then you can start putting it in your inventory. Start asking friends and family if they want to donate books. Look into some garage sale and flea markets. You need to have at least a thousand plus books in order for you to start. Search for hard to find books so that you have a unique selling point for your customers.

It will be best if you hone your book buying skill. This can be very important so that you will get quality books at a cheaper price. Building and maintaining inventory is essential in used bookstore business.


  • Mike said on June 26, 2009
    How much (range) can realistically be earned in a used bookstore business?
  • jeff said on August 15, 2009
    I have a good location in a retirement community. I will be the only bookstore in a small area anchored by the only grocery store. How can I estimate the average number of customers?


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