How to Open a Coffee Bean Store

If you want to open a coffee bean store, you will have to start out with a plan. You have two options for the inventory – sell coffee beans from your own farm or you purchase from a supplier.

Advertise your business thoroughly, locally and online, to increase sales. With the right management style, you can earn profits.

Open a Coffee Bean Store

If you have your own coffee bean farm, you can now open your own coffee bean store. This is great way to earn considerable profits since own the farm. You will simply need to harvest the coffee beans. You have two options – you can sell the beans for planting or you can dry them out and sell the coffee beans to create quality coffee. With this kind of business, you will need to know the growth requirements of coffee and the method to use when drying the beans. If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of planting and harvesting, you can always find a supplier of these coffee beans online.

Thanks to the internet, you can easily locate for a reputed supplier online. When you do, you can now purchase the inventory. Regardless of the option you choose, you can earn profits if you’re able to sell quality coffee beans. You can start with a home-based business although finding a store space is ideal, so you won’t disrupt the routine activities at home. Lease out the store space and purchase the necessary furniture and fixtures. Apply for the utilities like electricity and phone connections.

Licensing, Staffing, Etc

Apply for a business license from the city government. Determine the requirements and submit the essential documents. Oftentimes, the fee is quite small especially if you’re starting a small scale business. Pay the fees and soon you will get the license. It’s better to operate a legal business so that you can avoid potential legal problems in the future. There are hardly zoning restrictions. Lease out a store space that is centrally located so that you can get walk in customers. Design the store and choose an attractive name. The store should have a welcoming atmosphere and be sure to display the coffee beans on racks. Provide your customers with a wide range of choices.

Hire 1-2 staffs to help you out in the store. Find a reputed software program online that you can use for monitoring the financial aspect of the business. The accounting software can help in simplifying the tasks. All expenses and income should be inputted on the software. Promote the business locally. If you’re the one producing quality coffee beans, you can create website so that you can sell the product around the world. Who knows… your coffee beans can gain worldwide recognition! With the right advertising methods, you can enhance your store’s visibility. Start working out a plan of action today.


  • mayanja. samuel said on October 5, 2012
    From Uganda we have much coffee both Arabic and Robusta just from garden, i can open up a shop for green bean in seattle but i need help already i have a green card and am in uganda with 2 factory to help me in this
  • Murali said on June 8, 2014
    Hi, This is Murali from Bangalore, and I am a employee of private company , where I was unhappy & planning to stand on my own legs. I want start to open a small coffee shop with low investment. Could someone please help me out. Regards, Murali


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