How to Operate a Convenience Store

If you wanted to put up a business in your area then convenience store is one of the best options because it is a reasonably lucrative business especially if you are living in an area, wherein supermarkets and groceries are far. The main idea of convenient store is for the buyer not to go to far shopping stores or groceries just to buy a soda.

This allows them to purchase their needs without exerting too much effort. The main key for a successful convenient store is the location.

Market Survey

Before your start running a convenience store, it is very important to make an effective market survey. This can help you to verify sales forecast as well as to figure out the products that you will be selling in your store. Make sure to study the spending potential of your target market as well as the total sales that you can produce when you already open your business. This is also called feasible study, which is a nice way for you to study and consider several things on running a convenience store.

The Location

The location of your convenience store plays an important role on how you can be successful in business. Remember that it is one of the keys for success. Be sure to consider the traffic density, parking situations as well as the closeness to other business in your chosen area. Avoid choosing a location, wherein you just base your location in one area. Be sure to study the location very well for a positive result.

The Population

The number of people in a certain community is a very vital part of your study when planning to run a convenience store. As you know, the economy should be stable. Perhaps, ask a certain wholesale food distributor in order to assist you the possible means to be successful in determining your possible revenue.

The Building

It will be best to select a building, wherein you can simply assign 60% of the store into the aisles, 25% for checkout, 10% for storage and 5% for office space. Be sure that the aisles are broad enough for the customers to walk freely and even people with disability.


You will also need to acquire wall shelving, security equipment, step ladders, stock carts, hand trucks, baskets, cash registers, counters, dry storage shelving ice cream case, hinged doors or sliding doors, refrigerators with several shelves as well as gondolas. In addition, you can also add some amenities that may be needed for the convenience store like chairs for waiting customers.


To avoid any danger in the future, it is helpful if you can schedule your inspection with Fire Department and Department of Health. This can actually help you avoid any problems that you can encounter in the future. It is very important to pass these tests so that you can run your business smoothly.


  • bali said on October 16, 2011
    that is grocery store good location monthly sale is 32.000 in winter and summer sale is 42.000 mostly sale over there beer, cig chips soda and indian grocery business owner need $1.50.000 can u suggest me that is good or not. store rent is $2000
  • vimlesh yadav said on November 26, 2011
    i am interested in having a convenience store in navi mumbai india.. i need some suggestion about it.
  • Jesse Deberry said on January 17, 2012
    I am interested in having a convenience store at 5897B Farrow Road. I do not have an idea how to start and/or what should go into the convenience store. I like the idea of passing out a survey to my potential customers. Yet, I would like to know; what are some of the effective/productive questions I should ask and what type of format should the survey in when I pass it out to my potential customers. What I need to do in order to be in compliance with State and County laws. How much money will I need to start? My building area is about 1100sq feet of open space. In other words, I NEED HELP.
  • sidharth said on June 19, 2012
    i am interested to store convenience store in Tirupati in india. i don't have any idea how to start and how much amount required to start convenience store . reply to me as early as possible
  • falguni patel said on July 25, 2012
    i want to start convenience store in Brisbane, Australia
  • sanjay said on February 12, 2013
    Me Sanjay from Bangalore. I am Interested in doing this Convenience Store. I am Staying in Anekal Main Road Near Attibele Hobli Bangalore. In that Location My Flat is there. And for Store Items we want to go Far place and Come. So If we Keep this Sore items in this location it is very helpful. I am Interested in dong this business. If anybody help me to keep this type of business like Sponsorships etc. thanks Cell : 9900001861, Bangalore
  • cosmos banda said on July 21, 2013
    convenient store is on my list also and would appreciate more ideas for a market in Ghana
  • ms.jas llaban said on February 6, 2014
    Hello startupbizhub, i appreciate on your thoughts your words of ideas, it is very interesting and bright ideas. do you some ideas regarding a whole sale and retail for small sari-sari store, but my idea will base on consignment of products for small store, and the payments will base on terms. please give me some good ideas on how to handle this kind of business. thanks and more power. Visayans province
  • raynord metts said on February 21, 2015
    Albany N.Y.
  • Andy Lagarto said on June 26, 2015
    I want to know more about the market survey strategy. I'm planning to put up a mini grocery inside our subdivision. Pls give me more inputs on this. Thanks in advance..


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