Starting a Bead Store

Are you into bead jewelry? Do you like them so much such that you know every kind there are, how they are made, where to get them?

You can start a shop selling beads to people who love using beads for their jewelry project. Learn from our basic guide some important things to think about when starting a bead shop.

Bead jewelry is very popular nowadays. If you are good at craft making, particularly jewelry making and has a lot of experience and knowledge about beads, you can start a business selling beads to those who, like you, find joy in stringing trinkets to make earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

To Dos” in Starting a Bead Store

To set up a bead shop, you have to find a location where bead jewelry and bead jewelry making is in fashion, most likely in the city or near a tourist destination where these items can be bought as souvenirs. Find a kiosk in the mall, a stand in a busy area or a storefront that you can lease for displaying your beads. Simultaneously, find a supplier where you can order beads at wholesale prices. You might have to order from abroad. To get this information, talk to bead store owners (those whom you won’t compete directly). As you go around, learn how many different beads (gemstones, crystals, metals, shell, wood, pearls, and glass) are priced so that you can competitively price your own merchandise. And discover how you can improve on the existing store’s business format.

Once you have determined the details of your business, it is the time to do the paperwork. Enter into a lease, get permits, licenses and tax numbers and other requirements by your city or state. Ask your city office for a complete list of the items you have to secure to legally operate your store. Afterwards, you will have to buy fixtures for your store, like bead displays, and a cash register. It will help a lot if you have experience running a small business. If none, you can work for one or attend short lessons on how to run a business.

In case, however, that you want to avoid the hassles of starting on your own, you can franchise a bead store. The Potomac Bead Company is one business that offers franchising opportunity for people interested in selling beads.
Miscellaneous Tips for Bead Store Owners

Give freebies like templates and designs for your customers to encourage them to do more beadwork and thus buy supplies from you.
Sell beadwork-related items like findings, pliers, books, bead kits, stringing supplies, bead boards, adhesives, scissors, wire cutters, ear hooks, and clasps.
Offer jewelry making lessons as another way to increase your income
Get a Web site to reach a wider customer base.
Enlist in local or national hobby or craft-related organizations to avail of opportunities to do business and get trainings
Participate in trade shows in order to get “into” the industry


  • Chrysella said on August 28, 2012
    i Live in goa, india around mapusa. is it a good idea starting a business of wooden jewellery along with beads ??
  • Victor Flores said on June 30, 2013
    I'm a jewelry designer that live in Panama, but want to move to my birth country and Starting a Bead Store. can you help me. Best Regards. Victor
  • pooja said on October 28, 2015
    Hi this pooja , I want start small business (jewellery making & bead work like making lamp shade, bead vase making etc ]. I am looking for training


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