Buying Gridwall Store Fixtures

For any business that sells merchandise, how the products are displayed matters much. If you are using bulky shelves, re-think and consider using the more flexible and wiry gridwall. Gridwalls are sturdy, versatile and could save you a lot of store space.

If you are interested in buying gridwall panels, then read our basic guide.

If you are running a store, how you display your merchandise could determine your selling capacity. The power of a good display to attract customers could not be stressed enough. And so, if you are a store owner, think about how you are displaying your products at the moment. Do you have bulky shelves that cramp the space and make browsing for customers difficult? Do you need to rent a bigger space because of the kind of your store fixtures? If yes, it is time to go for the modern look, and cost saving advantage of gridwall. These are panels of metal grids on which you can hang almost anything.

Tips on Buying Gridwall Store Fixtures

  • If you are installing gridwall fixtures on your own, research for basic explanations of their parts and shelving options available so that you are well-informed about what you will be doing.
  • Consider the weight of the merchandise you plan to hang on your gridwall. Buy an assembly that is enough to hold them. If you are unsure, seek a professional advice first.
  • Consider the atmosphere of your store or the atmosphere you want to create. Grid wall panels come in many colors and finishes. Choose the one that fits your style in order to further enhance the appearance of your store and merchandise. Basically, gridwall fits modern and industrial style of decorating.
  • Consider buying used or second-hand gridwall panels. Seek them out on craigslist or on stores that are closing out. If you are buying it from another city, factor the delivery cost and compare whether buying a more expensive one nearby is more cost-effective after all.
  • If you are assembling gridwall panels on your own, carefully think over what kind of base or feet (rolling or stationary, for example) you will be using if you want an upright and portable display.
  • Use the appropriate screws, anchors and other hand tools to attach the gridwall panels and the right kind of studs for the weight you plan to put on your gridwall fixture. Other gridwall components you might be needing include brackets, and joiner clamps – that is, if you want the assembly installed permanently.
  • Buy gridwall accessories that match or complements the finish of your gridwall panels,
  • Aside from being flexible and sturdy, gridwall fixtures offer another advantage – low maintenance. You only need to dust it often in order to keep them looking good and news.


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