Starting a Bingo Equipment and Supplies Business

Bingo is a popular game for leisure and charity activities. It can be played for pure fun, business, fund raising, and as a simple or grand event.

If you are thinking of opening a store that will cater to big bingo organizers or to simple fun-loving people, we have tips on how you can get started.

Bingo is a popular game played in a variety of settings – at school, office, commercial bingo hall, senior citizen centres, and community centres. It may be played as a fund raising activity or as a full-scale business. If yours is a place where the game is a favourite of many people, then a bingo equipment and supplies business is a venture you can start. In this endeavour, there are three things that should be of major concern to you: licensing, initial capital investment and supply.

Bingo Supply Store Licensing

Bingo is a game that is under considerable regulation. Before making a business plan, visit your local office and know everything you can about operating a licensed bingo equipment and supplies store. Know what permits you would need, where to get them and how much will you be spending for licensing alone.

Bingo Supplies Store Inventory

To become a major bingo equipment and supply store, you would need a lot of investment. Not only will you be selling bingo balls, display boards, papers, tickets or card, markers/daubers, chips, cages but also pulltab machines, as well as bingo consoles that may be computer-integrated. And for high-tech bingo gadgets, you’d need staff that may also serve as technicians to install bingo machines or just help customers with questions on how to operate them. Of course, granting that competition is not tight in your city, you may also run a simple bingo supplies store that is catered just to leisure players. For this you can display novelty items like bingo cushions and bingo bags.

Bingo Store Supplies

Another major consideration in this kind of business is supply. It would be good if before starting this business, you already have a certain relationship with manufacturers and suppliers of bingo machines and paraphernalia. If none, finding them will be an aspect of major labor investment during business startup. For a variety of items, you can get them from wholesalers. Manufacturers, on the other hand, may specialize on certain supplies like paper.

Other standard items to think about in starting a business are location, store layout, and advertising. Find a storefront that is visible and frequented by many people who are apt to come in to your shop at leisure. Avoid those where people are on the rush to go somewhere. Then think of a display layout that is attractive and most appealing to customers. And of course, it is important that you will have a pre-opening, opening and ongoing advertising strategy to let people know of your shop. This includes distributing fliers and getting listed on yellow pages.



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