Starting a Pool Hall Business

There is no doubt that once in every lifetime of our time spent with friends was shared playing pool with them; the phenomenon of poll hall business success then easy to imagine.

Now, if you are toying with the idea of venturing in this lucrative business of providing pleasure designed for everybody three simple questions can start you in the right steps towards a successful pool hall business.

Most probably once in your lifetime when you are sharing time with your friends you have hit the hobby of playing pool. It was fun isn’t it, especially if the pool hall you were playing at is jump-pack with pool aficionados. And probably one way or the other the thought of how profitable this business is for you to venture in has crossed your mind.

There are basically thousands of pool hall around your state and cities and the obvious potential of them earning money for the proprietors is easy to imagine. Now, if you have passion for playing pool then more or less that is a good start for you to start your own pool hall business.

But before embarking on this business ventures here are basic question and tips for you on starting a pool hall business.

If you don’t know how to make a business plan, just answering these three simple questions can help you start your own pool hall business:

First Question in Starting a Pool Hall Business: Who is your target audience?

This is a very important question to ask yourself before embarking on starting a pool hall business. Are you targeting the hardcore billiard players, the college students or mere passing aficionados? If you are already definite about your target audience then your next business strategies should be aligned with your target audience.

Second Question to Start a Pool Business: What kind of a place you will rent for your pool hall?

The answer to this question is connected to the first question. The decision what kind of place you will rent and its location should jibe with your target audience. It is also important to know your location and the kind of place you are renting because monthly expenses for the rent will take a considerable portion of your budget.

Third Question for Starting a Pool Hall Business: What will you include in your pool hall to entice pool players to stay longer in your place?

There is no question about the duration usually a pool player or a group of pool players spend in a certain pool hall. Surely you don’t want these customers suddenly stopping playing at your hall to catch a bite or drink somewhere else. This is your time now to provide pool players what kind of beverages you choose for them. You can either offer soda for them or alcohol. It is your choice.


  • Michael Brooks said on January 27, 2015
    please help me to start a pool hall business in Wadesboro, North Carolina 28170
  • stan bernardo said on July 10, 2015
    i had a pool hall that was in a poor location and closed I am considering a new place what sie sqare footage would i need to consider for 6 9ft table and 4 7ft tables i also want to add a kitchen and bar
  • Makineti said on February 24, 2016
    I would like to open up a pool hall in springfield brisbane australia. How much do i need to start ot.


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