Starting a American Poolplayers Association Franchise

An American Poolplayers Association franchise could be the best thing for any pool enthusiasts who want to earn from something that they love doing.

Have you ever heard about the American Poolplayers Association? If you are a pool enthusiast, we are sure that you already have heard about it before. Besides, this is very popular as the biggest amateur pool league in the world.

They are now playing in 13,000 North American venues as of now. Currently, they have more than 260,000 members from a number of countries and they are continually growing. What’s great about them is that the league is composed of different poolplayers with different skill levels.

The American Poolplayers Association all started way back 1979 when Terry Bell and Larry Hubbart, both professional billiard players, had the idea of creating and organizing a league for poolplayers in the amateur category. They, of course, did this to encourage, support and guide new comers in the sport so that they will improve and continue with it. And so the association was officially born and shortly thereafter, it became very successful that they already have franchise leagues in different parts of the United States and Canada. Their poolplayer members participate in yearly events such as the 8 and 9 ball tournaments and they also have to pay an annual fee as their membership fee. Additionally, they also need to pay at least a weekly fee to their local League Operators (or franchisees) every time they play. Mostly, games are held each week and those who win the events get their chance to compete in division and national championships.

And this is just the beginning for the group. The American Poolplayers Association aims that they achieve at least 1 million members by 2020 so they are heavily campaigning for franchise opportunities to make that happen. For those unaware or those who are interested about the franchise offer, you should know that the group has definitely earned the distinction of being honest and fair when it comes to dealing with their franchisees. For them, this is a proven formula that works so they always make it appoint that they treat franchisees in a professional level. Also, they make it a point that they take the time to entertain every inquiry by responding promptly to them as well.

To begin, a potential franchisee should submit an online application and submit it to the American Poolplayers Association team. One appointed to check these applications will go through that and then they’d call you sometime soon. You can expect to receive more instruction from them as soon as your application gets approved, of course. The total investment for this is $11,600-$14,000 and the fee for franchise is $5,000.

Most probably, you will be contacted by a Franchise Development Manager so you could speak with them about franchising specifics such as your location, space and even about the fees you will be required to pay. What follows is that you will also be asked to attend a training seminar so you can be more familiar with how their system works and what you could do to make sure that this opportunity becomes successful for you. You will also receive a lot of support from them with regards to marketing and advertising, customer support and many other franchise aspects.


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