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Total Gold Adventure is one way that parents can boost their child’s interest to outdoor sports.

Being in the franchising business for years, TGA sees that sports as a business will forever be in demand in every part of the world.

 Most parents seek a venue where their kids can spend some of their time after school. This need made Total Golf Adventure reach out to parents offering the golf sports to their kids. For the business to be more popular to parents and kids, TGA decided to make ties with schools and educational institution that will help them market the services that they are offering.

Basically, Total Golf Adventure is engaged with providing youth with an educational program to boost their interest and skills on the sports of golf. Established since 2003, TGA realized that it will be more effective to have partnership with institutions that will endorse the facility and program they are offering.

The package that a TGA offer usually includes six to ten weeks session and it is not only offered in schools but also in parks, recreational centers and the likes.

The profit that the business earns usually came from in-school and other programs such as tournaments. Part also came from apparels that they sell and equipment as well. Realizing that the business is selective to youth segment, TGA further enhanced their business by having venue for golf enthusiasts and professionals.

Liquid capital requirement for starting Total Golf Adventure franchise averages from $13,000 to $57,000. The company provides financing assistance should a candidate fall short of the financial qualification.

In initiating your franchise, make sure first that your interest is intact towards starting a Total Golf Adventure of your own. Starting or entering into a business where your interest is not aligned will most likely be a really tough road to begin with. Next is to make that interest known to the franchisor. This can be done by filling out a request form through internet or directly inquiring in the company’s main office.

Every franchise will be fully supported by the management team from training and operations support. As a franchisee, you will be given an operations manual where the most essential things on managing the business were stated.

The on site training program lasted for about four to five days including business procedures, sales, marketing and development training and other operational set up.

Total Golf Adventure also assures an open communication with their franchisees to see the conformance of the business and that everything is doing well. The company also has a national scale marketing efforts for your business especially that you are just starting your way up. In addition, TGA also guarantees that it will help you on creating ties with schools and other institutions to strengthen the franchise. The company is also interested to having franchises outside United Stated.


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