Vype High School Sports Magazine Franchise Info

The Vype High School Sports Magazine is dedicated to offer high school sports news and information to the local community and beyond.

The franchisee of this business will be allowed exclusive right to sole publication in a specific area, therefore the territory claimed will be his and his alone.

The Vype High School Sports Magazine franchise is a franchising business that brings only the best and quality reading material for the sports lovers and sports enthusiasts alike. Because of the growing popularity of interest in high school sports in nearby and surrounding areas, the Vype High School Sports Magazine has begun franchising its business. This is an exciting new opportunity to start your own business, arrange meetings, events and other social categories.

Established in 2005, the Vype High School Sports Magazine Franchise has also been franchising within the same year and requires a liquid capital of $150,000. There is financing available via third party, and support and training provided by the franchise. It cannot be run from home and a minimum number of 5 employees are required. In the year 2009 it has acquired 14 US franchises with 4 company(http://www.vype.com) owned locations. The total investment is $152,000-$337,000 with a franchise fee of $30,000-$80,000. The royalty fee is 6 percent or $40 per page. Financial requirements include a net worth of at least $300,000.

The magazine is in full size and color, and publishers are provided electronic or digital copies of each issue, which in turn may be sent to a base for subscription to aid in the circulation and increase production numbers. There is more than just the printed magazine as your revenue stream if you plan on joining the franchise. You are also open to the option of accepting subscriptions, advertising online, selling the merchandise of VYPE as well as invitations to local or regional high school sports events. You will also be given the sole right to exclusivity in the publishing of your magazine in a protected area or territory.

The Subscribers, advertising offers, school offers, and everything from organizations that wish to become part of the magazine will only be interested in getting their advertisements into your magazine. The franchise itself ensures that with a low initial cost you will already be able to have full control and domination of your own business along with the full support from the marketing professionals of the industry.

The magazine publishes 12 issues per year, roughly one issue per month throughout the entire time of which the franchisee will receive full support in the launch of his or her magazine. One of the franchises team managers will personally provide support with the sales. For 2 to 4 days, a start up specialist will be available to help the franchisee plan his or her distribution strategy with two weeks of training within the classroom. The training includes the overview of the sports publishing industry. You will be setting up your own office and operating the franchise with strategic game plans and policies such as research to better understand the target audience, analysis of the distribution locations, and creation of a good sales presentation and the making of initial sales calls.


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