How to Start an E-Zine Publisher Business

If you are looking to create your own e-zine publishing business, then this article is for you. In here, you will find the necessary tips and information that you would need to get you on your way to becoming an e-zine publisher. You can go into business in no time.

As promised, in this article you would find an e-zine publisher business guide that will be very helpful to you as you establish your own publishing business.

We will guide you through the two important steps when your online publishing business is still in its infancy.

The first step is to get a website, then to install a mailing list manager for automatic distribution and subscriber list management.

Secure a Website for your E-Zine Publisher Business

This is the first requirement for establishing a startup e-zine publishing business. This is where you post details about your business, as well as publish the articles that you would include in e-zine or your newsletter. This is where your potential subscribers can preview your content and where they can secure a subscription, if ever they decide to get one from you.

In choosing a web hosting service, you would need a host that allows you a high storage capacity, because the amount of submissions you would be receiving from authors would be huge. You would also need a database to store the contact details of your subscribers, because you would need the data later on in distributing your newsletters. You would also need to enlist the help of a good website designer and programmer in order to create an appealing website with working functionalities.

Get a Mailing List Manager

The Mailing List Manager is an essential part of your publishing business. It takes care of the automatic distribution of your e-zine to your subscribers. It is a very handy tool to have for your business, especially when the number of your subscribers has grown exponentially and it would be difficult for you to add new addresses to the queue list manually.

Mailing list managers in the past were difficult to use as they utilize a command line. However, the newer programs have been designed with a graphical user interface that is fortunately easy to use. This is the prime criterion in selecting the mailing list software that you want to use. You should be able to easily backup your subscriber list, and manage it as easily as you would turn your TV on and watch programs.

Marketing Plan

This is the most challenging part of starting an e-zine publishing business. Being a new fish in the e-zine publishing pond, you would a very good marketing strategy in order to get people to look at your content and to gain subscribers. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can exploit in order to market your new e-zine publisher business to possible consumers.


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    Will you pl further elaborate E-Zine publisher business.
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    Dear Sir. I have 15 years experience in bakery and pastry confectionery. I want to start bakery and pastry business. But I don't have money to start. I have ideas and knowledge to start business if someone could be investment financial so I can handle every thing. Please if someone interested contact me. Thank you.


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