Start a String Bikini and Panties Store

If you are starting a string bikini and panties store, you have to begin with a business plan. After that, you can now secure a business license, decide on the business structure, arrange for the communications system and utilities, and find a location, supplier, and do the advertising.

The business plan can guide you in addressing all aspects of the business.

Starting a String Bikini and Panties Store

Very few stores specialize in string bikini and panties. In most cases, you will find stores that sell underwear which also includes briefs, boxers, pantyhose, body shapers, bras, camisoles, slips and other undergarments. To start a string bikini and panties store, you will have to ensure that you offer customers with a wide range of products. In this type of store, you will be focusing in two categories – string bikini and panty. To succeed in any kind of business, you will have to begin with the creation of the business plan.

Determine the business structure and talk to a competent accountant to learn more about proper business management. It would help if you have a background in business management and other related courses. Getting insurance is vital as well to cover the business, customers, and your staffs. After that, you can now visit the clerk’s office in your state or county to secure the business license. You will also have to arrange for the communications systems and the utilities. Choosing the location of the business is one of the most important considerations. It would be best to choose a location that is near salons, boutiques, and clothing stores. By doing so, you can attract the interests customers once they see your specialty.

Choosing the Location for your Bikini and Panties Shop

Try to ensure that the location offers convenient parking space and 2 driveways. You will have to determine your target market and your product lines. The products that you’re going to sell will be limited to string bikinis and panties. You can sell panties for both little girls and grownups. Another thing that you have to consider is the product depths – which brands are you going to offer, the sizes, and styles. Your store should offer quality and affordable string bikinis and panties. Find a reputable and reliable supplier of string bikinis and panties.

Your store should have restrooms and a fitting room. You can make use of subdued lighting, soft colors, tasteful displays, and elegant décor. Make sure that your customers feel comfortable and pampered while in the store. During the business launching, you can hold a fashion show to display the product lines that you offer. You need to have competent staffs that will help you in generating customers and more profits. Before the opening, distribute all invitations to potential customers who are always in fitness centers, boutiques, and spas or salons. Start and open your business today and you will succeed.


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