How to Start Oriental Grocery Store

Investing or starting an Oriental grocery store with your family is a big business break that can start even with a small capital.

All you need is your trading talent and knack for selling Asian products targeting specific markets and gaining interest from other foreign markets.

If you happen to go to Chinatown, you will be able to see small stores to large supermarkets that sell various products coming from China. These are just examples of Oriental grocery stores. Oriental grocery stores are not limited to products from China since it is referred to as “oriental”, it will mean any store that sells products coming from the East or Southeast Asia. These stores are usually located in non-Asian countries such as the United States and they are most commonly owned by Asian immigrants in that country. Oriental stores and food stores have become a click in the Western countries since they have products that are not found in the continent.

How to start Oriental grocery store is not really that difficult since you can start by having a small capital and put up a small store with selected high-selling eastern or southeastern products. The stores are typically started by Asian entrepreneurs as a family business. For years now that these businesses are operating in the western countries, most owners have already made it big and are now being capitalized by investors. Most of them have Asian main headquarters located in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines.

To start a small business, you can choose to build a store or you can acquire an existing building and design it for your store. Depending on your capital or the variety of products that you will sell, you can either start small or be one of the big box stores located in strategic areas, shopping malls, or Chinatown. As it may appear, you can make it look as modern as any convenient store but usually to make the distinction recognizable to customers, oriental architecture is made for the design of most stores.

Products in an Oriental grocery store are products from Asia which target a specific Asian ethnic group of immigrants such as Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans, and so on. You can also have products that can cater to all types of Asian ethnic groups and have a wider array of Oriental products. These grocery stores are not mainly focused on food products though it is one of the most popular and saleable Oriental commodity. Others offer products and services such as salons, bakery, restaurants, film rentals, travel agency, books, and others that showcase Asian culture.

Right now, Oriental grocery stores have become a growing industry having a concept that started with the immigrants themselves. Many are now starting the same even if they are native to the land. You too can start a research with your Asian friends or if you are an Asian then that can be very easy and an advantage for you to start.


  • David Switzer said on October 12, 2009
    I would like some information on how to open a oriental grocery store. I'm not an Asian person so i don't know a lot about the product but would like to have my own store. thank you. dave
  • Ms. Bautista said on January 8, 2010
    I would like information on how to open a oriental grocery store. Can someone offer mentorship or advise how to start. Thanks.
  • marissa said on April 1, 2010
    i want to start an oriental grocery store in lyndhurst nj
  • Yani Holm said on July 11, 2011
    I would like to start a small Oriental Grocery in San Antonio TX. I''ve seen some of the stores they look like went well. By the I am an Indonesian and they're some Indonesian family in the small town. I been thinking about this idea since last year, but I am not brave. I do have capital for it please give me advice. Thank you, Yani Holm
  • katie saetern said on July 31, 2011
    I want to open a oriental store in lancaster,ca and looking for some information on how to get started. Do I have to have a business certificate or just get a bank loan? I am very interested on owning my own oriental store best of all I am asian born in Thailand! Please give me some advice as soon as possible! Thank You!
  • Dan Wang said on March 17, 2012
    I want to start an oriental grocery store in Fort Collins, CO. The store may focus on Chinese ethnic group at the beginning as I was born in China and am familiar with Chinese culture. Can I get some advice and help?
  • Kurian George said on June 21, 2012
    I am about to migrate to US as an immigrant and most likely to be in VA close to DC and I would like to get some information on the capital needed to start an Asian Grocery on a small scale.Will you be able to help me? Kurian George
  • Josephine said on July 14, 2012
    I want to start my life here in us and i love business i'm us citizen but my origin is pilipino i would like to putup an asian store just wondering how could i get the product and how much do i start to spend any idea please... I appreciate it.
  • Erick Leifson said on August 16, 2012
    I am of non-Asian descent but have a rich knowledge of Asian pop-culture & foods. I actively cook Asian cuisine & enjoy their media. I can even read/speak some Mandarin & Tagalog. I would like to have an Asian store in Chambersburg, PA that sells basic grocery, ready-to-eat/take-out, and Asian CDs/DVDs & possibly some Japanese pop-idol/manga collectibles. Dou xie / Salamat!
  • Glenda said on February 15, 2013
    Am a housewife love to cook really interested on little business grocery Pilipino store need more info all the supply where do you get them and what do I need to start? please help
  • fan gunawan said on February 24, 2013
    Could you please let me know all the info to open a new asian grocery store? Melbourne, Australia, VIC
  • khaVa said on April 1, 2013
    I too would like to open my own Oriental grocery store. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • Kathi said on April 24, 2013
    Hi , i would like to get more advise how to start up a oriental grocery store in new port richey , florida!! The more information is better!! Greatly appreciated!!
  • Aamir khan said on April 25, 2013
    I want to start a grocery store in laguna philipines how much investment needed thanks
  • joe said on May 8, 2013
    I am located in australia victoria. Would like to know how they get their supplies? I would like to get some information on the capital needed to start an Asian Grocery on a small scale.Will you be able to help me? Do i need any specific permit? Thanks.
  • Donna Sabaten said on May 9, 2013
    I would like to open an Asian grocery store showcasing food products and other general merchandise I. South Penrith area. I have a potential store location in mind and would like more information on suppliers and shipping ideas
  • Riz Mikesell said on May 29, 2013
    My wife and I want to open an Asian grocery store in lansdale, Pennsylvania area but we don't know where and how to start. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • Gary said on June 25, 2013
    I want to start a Grocery shop,I live in abuja Nigeria
  • caroline said on August 10, 2013
    Hi, my name is Caroline I been thinking of starting a small asian store. How do i start? where do I get all the product or inventory and how much really would i start for a capital? Please help. thanks. Caroline
  • Truong said on November 19, 2013
    Hi, My name is Truong and I am in the researching phase to open an Asian grocery store. I am fairly new in this business. Any advice and information would be great. I need information like POS devices sellers,asian food distributors,refrigs and commercial shelves provider, operation plans...etc..Where and how do I get contacts of all of these suppliers? Thank you for your input! Truong
  • Lin said on November 19, 2013
    I am 30 miles north of Houston and have a long drive to the closest Asian grocery store. I am interested in more information to open an Asian grocery store as well. My email is y.lin25 at yahoo. Thanks.
  • kelvinah uppadoo said on January 6, 2014
    Hi my name is kelvinah and i lived in ireland for 8 years as i am interested to open an asian store in ardee county louth . i don't have any idea how to start the business and where can i get all the product and how much money i need . please can you help me and thank you for your help.
  • AOM said on January 13, 2014
    Hi My name is Aom. I live in MA. I'm from Thailand. I would like to open a little Asian grocery store but I have no idea about how to open it. Could you please give me some information how can I start that. Thank you so much.
  • Dee Papasan said on February 17, 2014
    I would like to open an Asian Store, the closest Asian market from me is 75miles away, I live in Arkansas with a variety of foreign exchange students, I notice that the profit margins are not very high for this market, but I plan to also sale variety of deli food. Please give me some ideas on how to get started.
  • Danny Nguyen said on August 18, 2014
    I have 15 years experience in owning an oriental store. If anyone has any questions or looking for some sort of partnership then don't hesitate to contact me @ Oriental Grocery store Opportunities
  • Rakesh Kumar said on October 22, 2014
    Hi, I want to open an asian grocery store and I am familiar with most of the products range and other necessary things. I just need help with legal requirements if there's any. Thanks
  • Rakesh Kumar said on October 22, 2014
    help me to start my oriental grocery store in Melbourne VIC.
  • Kai said on January 2, 2015
    Any referrals to getting products to start my little market is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  • Roy McCullough said on January 19, 2015
    I am going to open an Asian store... my wife is Filipino and we have a ton of Asian friends in our area with no store.. I recently acquired some commercial property on the highway between 2 small towns that have plenty of Asians but no store.. we're going to get all our friends in on this project and add products as we can find them 1 at a time. Purchase used refrigerator units as we can afford off Craigslist share on Facebook and social media to get the word out. I think we will do well.. very little startup $ is available but together we can make it happen... Roy
  • ye t. said on April 14, 2015
    i'm looking to open an Asian grocery store but have no clue where to start. i need help with legal requirements plus need information like POS devices sellers, asian food distributors, refrigs and commercial shelves provider, operation plans...etc..Where and how do I get contacts of all of these suppliers. thx!
  • evi said on May 28, 2015
    The location will be in wooster ohio. Please give me some information about requirement to open the store and the supplier. Thank you
  • Erick escusa said on June 3, 2015
    I would like more information on how to open a small Asian market such as suppliers and cost.
  • Anna townsend said on June 23, 2015
    Hello I would like some help in starting up an asian grocery shop in Balwyn Melbourne. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  • Connie said on July 26, 2015
    I have done some research & want to start up my own oriental store in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. I would like some advice on how to start up & vendors to be reached out to. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  • Jerome said on August 27, 2015
    I would like more information on how to open a small Asian market such as suppliers and cost so that my daughters and I can start a store in Longview Washington.
  • Loan said on October 7, 2015
    I would like to start an asian grocery store.I would like to know where to order fish, crabs.fresh produce.
  • IBA RA HIM said on December 26, 2015
    I want to start my life here in us and i love business i'm us citizen. open at Denver Colorado would like to put up an asian store just wondering how could i get the product and how much do i start to spend any idea please. I appreciate it.
  • Koua Lor said on February 8, 2016
    I am looking to start a grocery business in Eau Claire WI. Please contact me and help me through this
  • graham woolley said on February 22, 2016
    I would like to start up a Asian grocery store, here in joondalup , Perth , western Australia. as we have Asians all around this area and only one Asian grocery shop in joondalup, and combine it with a tea and coffee shop. could you help me please from stat to finish
  • Fey Saephan said on March 5, 2016
    I would like info of vendors suppliers in the bay area and membership for advice on how and start i have a location in mind
  • Rada said on March 7, 2016
    Hi, I am interesting to open Oriental market but I don't know how to start up. Would you give me a clue for all everything , vender, suppliers etc. to get start because I have limit investment and how about legal which requires from government.
  • Vivian Deng said on December 16, 2016
    I would like to start a small Asian grocery store and a bubble tea shop combined with it at Springfield, MO. Please help me! Thanks
  • Ryan said on January 16, 2017
    Hi. I am a Southeast Asian who was raised and grew up in the East Coast and moved to the West Coast. I've been living in the West Coast for 15 years and life have not going anywhere. I've been living day by day, pay check by pay check on a dead end job which cannot advance or have no idea how to advance in my life. Educationally, I think I'm pretty educated, since I earned a BA from a well known university and a law degree from an ABA law school. I have no business backgrounds but since I cannot get into the field that I studied for, I would like to start a small oriental grocery store in the Northern California area. Anyone has any idea how I should started it? How much money I need? What type of products I should sell? I am in the verging of living on the street and begging for money.
  • Margz said on May 12, 2017
    Hi, I would like to start oriental store grocery. Pls help how can I start. Thank you.
  • oc said on February 20, 2018
    Hi, I wanted to know how to get a wholesale from supplier or a supplier i wanted to open an oriental Market, please help
  • MANDY said on July 23, 2018


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