How to Start a Clothing Accessories Store

You may be described as a fashion guru. Why not use that expertise to open a business selling clothing accessories? Find out the basics of opening a clothing accessory store. Our guide touches on the important aspects of this kind of business, from dealing with competition to choosing the right staff.

Clothing trends constantly change, which could leave one out of style in just a short time. It seemed the easiest solution is to overhaul one’s wardrobe outright, which is costly.

Fashion expert knows that there’s a little trick to bring one’s clothes up-to-date without emptying one’s closet. The secret is in accessorizing. Using some classic pieces, one can immediately and inexpensively be in fashion again with the right and trendy accessories. If you know this, then surely you have an eye for dressing – one of the two best qualifications of one looking to enter into this business, the other one of which is entrepreneurial skill.

Clothing Accessories Competition

It is hard, but true that a business in line with clothing is one of the trickiest to run. That is why aside from being an expert in fashion, you must also have the skill in planning, marketing, customer service, and inventory control. For a start, one of the most important aspects of the business you would have to deal with in this field is competition. Before opening your store, you must consider whether the market in your area is already saturated. If it is not, you should still pay attention to the location of your nearest competitor so that you could choose a spot where you could draw the most people.

Location is important and so is the nature of your merchandise. People who are familiar in this line of business would often describe a clothing accessory store as one being run small and with style. If competition is intense, focus on a niche market and offer what most stores do not have. The more unique and interesting your collections are, the more edge you have over competitors. Also take note of the demographics in your place. Is the population more of teens, men, women, children, or older people? Although you can put in your shelves belt, bags, and socks for the whole family, knowing what composes the major part of your market will give you an idea what items to invest in more.

Clothing Accessories Display

How you present your goods to customers is equally important to the success of this business. People are naturally drawn to what they immediately see when they enter your store. And so strategically place interesting and affordable items to the right where they can be seen at once. Organize ties, jewelry, sunglasses, and scarves and display miscellaneous items using racks, well-lighted display cases, and mannequins all over your shop. Sell not only purses, hats, and gloves that are in vogue, but also those that never go out of fashion.

And finally, do not forget good customer service. While the proposition of hiring the right people for the right job has general applicability, it has greater weight in this business. You and your personnel must be able to entertain customers well, advising them, when needed, about the proper combination of styles, colors and the appropriateness of accessories to clothing. And so it is important that your salesperson also have the interest and the knowledge about fashion.


  • alvin daniel said on July 3, 2009
    what can you tell me about a (mobile men accessories) store, neckties, cufflinks, belts and other small items. tie pins, going to the people.
  • Dmitriy Komisaryk said on March 15, 2011
    I plan to open a shop of women's Clothing Accessories, I need to know the conditions up shop in Ukraine, Lviv region, Chervonograd - population to 100-thousand
  • Sadie W. Alicea said on January 18, 2012
    how would export clothing line from a foreign country like China, Korea, Japan?
  • doris said on October 10, 2012
    Hello, my name is Doris from the city of Haifa in Israel. I work as an architect and my husband is a CPA firm partner in a large accounting office. From my knowledge of many years during my visits to Israel outside the Disney stores and from being an old client was very interested in opening a Disney store in Haifa, Israel or Tel Aviv. I'd be happy if you help me how to finance this option. Thanks much
  • Moyo Casius Tinani said on August 30, 2013
    my car accessories store in located in Karoi Zimbabwe approximately the population is 25000.
  • justin said on November 11, 2014
    starting a fashion accessories store and would love to order bulk and be partner with any business. i am willing to pay bulk order and also willing to partner with whoever decides to do business in the tropics. email me
  • Supravat mandal said on June 15, 2016
    Sir, I want to open a wind shop.


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