Open Your Own Wig Store

A retail wig and hair business consists of lace wigs, hair pieces, hair replacements and other wig and hair products. It can be lucrative, so business handlers make sure that it can be sold and it will be profitable. In putting up a store, proper planning is important.

There are lots of people who are unemployed, so they try to seek opportunities in this industry. People tired of 9 to 5 jobs are also looking for new ideas to invest and get involved. If you are planning to open up a wig store, here are some tips that may help you.

Here are some of the questions that will come to your mind when you think about this business.

  • Educating yourself about wigs.
  • How should you store your wig?
  • How to store a synthetic wig?
  • What are the differences between hairpieces and synthetic wigs?
  • How could you take good care of your wigs?
  • How to make a wig look real?
  • What is a lace front wig?
  • What is a 3/4 wig?

1. What are the sizes, colors and style that will be loved by customers?

These are some questions that you surely need to know. It is essential to have enough knowledge about your planned product. With that, you will have enough information as to how you will make quality products. You can also educate your customer about what and how to choose the right one for them. You may also attend local hair and beauty trade shows to know more about the latest trend. It allows you to help customers find what kind of wig style fits them.

2. Contact small business or offices to apply for a business license

It is very important to have a business license when putting up your own store. This would make your business legal and easy for you to operate. You also have to purchase insurance to cover the damage of wigs and theft and protect your business. The store must have a large enough space to display a variety of wigs, provide storage for inventory and there should be an area for the customer where they can try on the wigs.

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3. Purchase good quality wigs

Know who the manufacturers of the products are. You should offer short, medium or long hair lengths, wavy, curly or straight styles and black, brown, gray or red colors. There should be synthetic or made from human hair wigs so that your customers can have choices. Make sure that the wigs are durable and safe to use.

4. Create a website that will promote your store

When you create a website, you are actually promoting your business.  This is an easier and effective way of advertising. You need to show photos of your available wigs in your store to get the attention of customers. Include your contact information, location of your shop as well as hours of operation. Be careful about putting up details on your website because it might mislead customers. You can add review and ratings for different wigs so that visitors can sort and select few before reaching out to you. Remember that you need to earn their trust.

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