How to Start a Hair Braiding Business

Starting a hair braiding business is very affordable and a lot easier than you think.

The demand for this braiding, corn-rowing and weaving of hair has been increasing in demand because many celebrities are into it and people are doing the same thing.

The Braid Styles

There are a few braid styles that are popular to people especially in hotter months like the summer season. This includes the corn rows, locks, and twists. You can do them at home or go to a hair braiding salon to have the latest braiding hairstyle for your hair for up to $200 dollars and more. The price depends on the braid size and the hair extension length that they will use to make the braiding hairstyle spectacular. Popular celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys made these braided styles of hair popular so the demand for people who can provide hair braiding style service has been increasing since then.

Tips when Starting – Establishing Credibility

When starting a hair braiding business, you must get a certification or qualification in this field. Why? It is because this will do the trick of building credibility and establishing much bigger clients in the future. You should display your certificate and advertise your expertise to people to obtain more clients. This professional certification will make sure that you can fully provide the kind of services that you are offering and have the proper equipment and skills necessary to operate your business successfully. Attend school that provide general knowledge on the skills and techniques as well as safety and health issues, products, and braid maintenance, care, customer consultation, and complaint management of the business.

Marketing the Business

Concentrate on your promotion and marketing. Be daring, playful, and colorful with your advertisements without the need to spend large sum of money. Use photos and images of your work in flyers or on the website you created for your business. For putting out flyers, place them on frequently visited places such as clothing shops, music stores, clubs, etc. Take advantages of the World Wide Web and promote your business on social Medias such as Facebook and Twitter. Update it regularly by posting photos and images of satisfied customers with your work.

Maintaining your Networks

Keep your clients happy and satisfied so that they will keep on coming back. Remember small preferences like names and preferences of styles. This will definitely ensure customers’ satisfaction. Always keep in touch with your clients even when they are not coming for a while in your salon. The hair braids and corn rows will grow out within 6 weeks so you should remind them cheerily that they need a retouched of their hair. Take very good care of your clients and they will ensure more additional clients.


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