Starting a Hand Car Wash Business

The hand car wash industry today has grown into a sophisticated and high technology one which is also very expensive.

Nevertheless, the old hand car wash business can be as profitable as the newly developed and established ones.

The Introduction to Car Wash Business

In the last decade, the population of vehicles has increased significantly. Today, most cars that are driven by owners would prefer going to a car wash and have a quick hand car wash (actually most car owners prefer this way). This is why, establishing even a hand car wash business is a very lucrative as well as respected business today. Running or operating this kind of business requires at least 9 people and most car owners want their cars washed by actual people’s hand and not by automatic car wash. This is because automatic car wash can usually scratch the car paint. Establishing a hand car wash business near local churches, or schools, or stores is generally the best idea.

Tips when Starting the Business

Build your business in the area where you have permission to use the water supply. Advertise your business by using signage. This will definitely attract some customers. Also, when advertising, include the price of your service. A good hand car wash for a very affordable price is the thing that car owners look for when they are looking for a car wash place. Choose 4 people to wash each car. There must be one washing the back, one on the front, and one each side of the car. They will have a bucket of water with car soap or detergent and will wash with sponge. Then, 1 person will operate the water hose. He will wet the car before the 4 people could wash and sponge it and then rinse it after the 4 people soaped it.

Last but not the least is to choose the last 4 people that will do the drying of the car. They will be on the 4 sides of the car too just like the ones who soaped it. All the parts of the car must be dried up well and the windows should be wiped out with window cleaner if the washing soap did not clean them enough. They could use paper towels for the cleaning of the windows of the car.

Your helpers should wear goggles for the protection of the eyes from soap and chemicals. They should also wear gloves to avoid their hands to be soaked in water for too long. You must list the step by step cleaning process of your hand car wash business so that your helpers will not forget and always be on the right track when working.

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  • Julius Achi said on December 27, 2013
    I want to start a car wash business, I want to still known what and what am to do to make it work out for good.


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