How to Start a Masonry Business

If you want to start a masonry business, it is important that you know the industry.

You have to undergo special training and take the exam to get a contractor’s license.

Establish connections with large companies and offer your services. Focus on areas where you can excel and make a name.

Most large construction companies don’t waste their time in small projects. If you want to earn great profits, you can open a masonry business. It would be best to start out small and work your way up. To get a steady flow of projects, you can also establish connections with large companies. Most of your work will be focused on repairing or constructing driveways and sidewalks. Just imagine being able to earn around $60,000 a year! Set the limits of the business and the scope.

Starting a Masonry Business

Masonry works can focus in brick fireplaces, sidewalks, steps, and many other repair works. When you have decided on the right services, you can work out a detailed plan. Study the market thoroughly and gather all pertinent information that can help you in identifying the competition and their weaknesses. You can use the information and use it against your competitors. This is one way to get an edge in the market share. There are many online resources that you can use that will guide in creating the plan. Make use of the templates and you will have a good plan to apply for loans.

You have to establish connections locally. Don’t view the large companies as competitors. In fact, you can work with them to get the small projects. As mentioned earlier, these companies don’t have time for small projects and this is where your business will come in. You can also consult with the Better Business Bureau or the local Chamber of Commerce. This is where you can obtain listings of the masonry companies in your area. Visit the Secretary of State to find out the requirements when securing business license and special permits. The license is needed to operate a legitimate business and you must renew it every year.

Aside from the business license, you will also need a contractor’s license. You have to undergo training and after that, you will sit in for a state exam. Find out about the requirements in your state. You must comply accordingly in order to get the license. Invest time and effort when undergoing the training. It would also be best if you try to gain experience in relevant fields. Find an office space that you can lease out and purchase the needed equipment, supplies, and tools. Hire employees and secure your EIN. This is required for tax purposes. Advertise the business using methods like newspaper ads, Yellow Pages, fliers, business cards, and many others. With the right strategies, you will surely succeed.


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